Time marches on

Well it seems Cozmik has joined Ombey in his departure.  I liked em both but ya never know people come and go the game moves ever onward.

While I was losing my heat at my house ( dear god it got cold and even my little warming motors (cats) had a hard time keeping the wife and I warm my corp lost our jump freighter.

Never a fun moment when a 4 Billion dollar ship and all cargo goes poof. something like 15 Billion in assets+ the ship went poof.  Seems someone wanted to kill our Rhea and sure enough they did.  Hell of a kill to be honest with ya…even a Mothership got in on it.

Cepta is not a huge Corp, but they are a good bunch of people. I could not play as my office was freezing, so I logged in a couple of times to console the pilot who lost the ship.  Gear replaced, and ship rebuilt, he went about the business of rebuilding assets.  Tonight, I will be able to log in and actually help rebuild some, most corps would disband in a huff, which is why I thank the good lord above I play with guys who actually think, then react.  Emotional responses aside, bad stuff happens to everyone, and it was a small mistake and a bit of bad luck that the 1st Rhea went down.

So, I have also been keeping track of the comings and going of both Goonswarm and  UNL…big changes in the KenZoku and Goonswarm and UNL to be sure.

-A-  and Red.Overlord continue the rampage of former Goon space although the Goons picked up massive KenZoku space as shown here ( bottom left hand side)

UNL were booted from Period Basis as well ( bottom most area of the map) below Esoteria.

So time marches on.

The Crescendo is building towards the March 10th release of Apocrypha…looks like I will enjoy it to say the least.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 4, 2009.

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  1. Sweet news cozmik ! I am glad to hear that indeed …best wishes and no worries…EvE isn't going anywhere šŸ™‚

  2. I need a massive break now (I'm already catching up on some major zzz's), but I'll be back >:)


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