Changes in Apocrypha…as of 3/5/09 patch

So I finally was able to get the big update from Singularity to test things out.

1st thing I notice is a new warping graphic shown below


2nd thing is the “warp tunnel changed


3rd I now have the skills to fly any strategic cruiser I would like

I picked the Loki ( the Minmatar one ) then I grabbed one of each subsystem I could find and will add them to the hull and see what we get

modulesnow I plan to use the strengths of each ship/race so I will have to see how good an armor tank vs. shield tank then minmatar seem to be perma gimped in teh specilization area in terms of defense, they seem to split their defense between shield and armor not a complaint, just a fact.  The weaponry on the other hand has great alpha and some good range with artillary ( also called ” arty”), and their close in brethern the auto cannon…so no missles launchers on this cruiser.

For a long time I have loved the idea of being versatile, both in terms of ship type and weaponry.  I can use any gun & ECM module except lasers and fly Caldari and Minmatar ships up from interdictors to HAC/Recons all the way to Battleships. Gallente I can fly up to any BC. I can field all kinds of drones, remote rep almost anything, position POS modules ( cannot man the guns yet but who knows) it seems as this T3 ships will finally allow versatility to shine.

I do not like being a specialist, it doesn’t mean I cannot specialize, I have for a while specialized in both ECM and Interceptors plus the addition of heavy and now light interdictors

so far I have been looking at just the slot layout….best so far a 6 6 6 combo running 6 425MM II autocannons with barrage….with 1 1600mm plate and 1 TS EM energized membrane I am hovering near 20,134 effective hp

Mean T3 shipsweet mama I will have so much research to do over the coming months….

There are many other changes as well but these i found quite interesting.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 5, 2009.

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  1. Loving this expansion more and more with every bit of information that reaches me. The new warp graphics are made of win!

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