Holy cow have I been busy!.  A full week of security training for work kept me from posting during the day, and Apocrypha Wormholes in the Evening, plus fleet fights and tons of probing.

Found quite a few wormholes:

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One with a pulsar that doubled my shield strength…

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We setup an exploration fleet of Ravens and have been testing spider tanking in plex’s in and around our home base.

We provided some cover for people to move titans and caps and had 930 ppl in a system with not a whole ton of lag.

More updates as they become available.  I plan on taking some pics of our raven/golem fleet as we do a deep exploration.

Some notes:

1)  Do not expect to get back to the system you jump from.  We lost 3/4 of our fleet to a collapse. Remember to setup ships with probes before you get inside the WH in case of collapse

2) Sometimes there are holes to hi sec/ low sec and even other 0.0 systems. ( found one last night that went from a place 6 jumps from where  I was based yesterday to Domain hi sec 0.8 space ..said hi then warped back through)

3) Probing takes a little practice remember to shift select to make the whole process easier!

~ by Manasiv5 on March 14, 2009.

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