Post 151 and landmarks.

So, I have been reading all the good blogs of late.  I have not had nearly the time to be able comment on all of them but dang has there been a ton of writing.  Most people ( me included) think that apocrypha went off without a hitch.

I broke down and bought a boxed version of the game, interesting that it did not say Apocrypha, which may account for some people wondering.  Personally I can see why they did not put that on the box, but  if it was me, I’d have listed all the updates or something with some sort of graphic showing this was the latest version. No more complaints from me 🙂

edit: apparently I should have tried to install said client. Wensley pointed out that it does NOT have the latest patch, which makes some sense to be sure.

Two things of note:

Oh yea I broke 750M…now how the heck do I make more, and what can I buy with it?

Coming up on the anniversary of this blog, which is kinda cool to be honest looks like I will hit 160 or so posts.  Some great comment writers, and faithful readers, so I offer you a chance…what would you like to know more about?

I am going to be looking at restarting the fiction, which stopped at chapter 6.  I am also looking at some practical guides if they are needed.  What would all you kind readers and comment writers like? I can’t guarantee perfection only a mule stubborn attitude and loving (don’t mind the braying) ability to carry whatever weight is thrown my way.

Thanks for all you guys have come my way and here is to you the reader!


~ by Manasiv5 on March 16, 2009.

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  1. Whats you opinion to running a POS in w-space and any rules that you would need to follow to be sure not to lose the entance wormhole to that system by accident, i.e. what happens if everyone involved gets podded back to k-space.

  2. Congratulations on keeping the blog going. 🙂 Guides are nice. Getting people's expertise on different aspects of the game and how to do/survive that aspect makes for interesting reading. Opinion pieces are another area that can generate strong responses in either comments or on other blogs.

    Write about what you want to write about ultimately. It is your blog after all and we readers are just along for the ride.

  3. Great work on the blog and keep up the fiction. I'm agree with the dread pirate as I would like to see guides on occasion. Surviving bubble camps would be great as I'm venturing into 0.0 in the coming weeks. How to make 750M wouldn't be a bad guide either.

  4. Hey Mansi,

    Good work on keeping the blog running so well and on having too much ISK!

    As far as things to write about… I like the idea of guides. Specifically maybe a couple about life in 0.0. The pirate community has written pretty extensively about getting around low-sec in safety but there's very little about surviving bubble camps and the like. Just an idea, mind.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. It doesn't say Apocrypha on the box because the box doesn't include the expansion. Since the expansion was in beta up until the week before release it was still being created when the boxed versions were being produced.

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