Making the news ( in a good way)

Kinda nice that our alliance made the news.

March 13th I was in PR-8CA along with about 600 or so friends and we helped BoB (Kenzoku) jump out a ton of Capitals.  The numbers were reported in the news as upwards of 60 Dread + 4 Motherships.  BS I say I was the for almost the entire time of the OP and it lasted 4.5 hours.  It does not take 4.5 hours to warp out 60 dreads + 2 Titans.  Try well over 450 Capitals and a larger number of Titans.  Sadly, I logged for dinner and missed the absolute slaughter that the TCF fleet ran into 5.6 Billion in losses from 136 kills is not fun (for them).  I did lose my tempest to Goons guarding the station but …such is life.

March the 16 in 49-U6U Sys-K ( systematic chaos was again involved with a massive fight (upwards of 1400 ppl some claim) and while it was a lag fest to many people I was still proud that our alliance showed up in as much force as they did 🙂

So Systematic-Chaos was heavily involved with the fighting and fun was had by all.

Link to the KB here

I did read the comments from yesterday and will try to see if I can come up with a way to document how to survive gatecamps.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 17, 2009.

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