Surviving bubbled gate camps

After asking folks and seeing that there was little information in surviving a bubbled gate camps, I thought I would write a guide on how I avoid them.

We will get the ships you may encounter out of the way first:

Three different types of bubble makers:

  • Heavy Interdictor ~
    • Probable Range 16 to 20 KM.
    • Ship Armaments: T2 weaponry with many high slots
    • Ship Defense: incredible resists with Very high buffers
    • Hulls: Onyx , Broadsword, Phobos , Devoter
    • Tactics to overcome ~ move as fats as possible these ships can actually move their fields towards you and will probably do so  once you appear inside their camp.  The fearsome firepower combined with incredibly high resists and buffer makes these very scary to get around.
    • Bottom Line:
      • Call in your gang mates
      • Get the heck out of dodge
  • Light Interdictor~
    • Probable range: 20~26KM ( the evelopdia article said 20KM but I could swear my bubble is 26KM)
    • Ship Armaments: 6-7 T2 light weapons
    • Ship Defense: Almost non existent, these have paper thin hulls and are quite fragile
    • Hulls: Herectic, Eris, Flycatcher, Sabre
    • Tactics to overcome: Target the interdictor and let loose the dogs, these ship will explode rather easily unless your in a  small interceptor or frigate, if you are in one of these two types, get out of dodge as fast as possible as they will kill you very quickly.  If you are in a  cruiser or above, remove the offending insect.
    • Bottom line:
      • Destroy the interdictor if your in a cruiser or above
      • Run like a scared little kid if your in a frigate or interceptor
  • Mobile Large Warp Disruption bubble~
    • 40 KM ! for the T2 variant
      • 48,000 shield HP
      • 48,000 armor HP
    • 26.5 KM for the T1 variant
      • 40,000 Shield HP
      • 60,000 Armor HP
    • Tactics to overcome: Warp in via a safe spot THAT IS NOT  IN LINE WITH THE BUBBLE This is the only viable tactic!

Now that we know what the threat is lets look at ways of overcoming the threat.
Known Systems (you do have bookmarks of the gates in your known system don’t you?)

Tactic 1

Back in October/November I created a guide to safe spots, if you are in a system that you own you shoudl always have safe spots.  The way to use these safe spots is to warp at greater than 150km from the gate.  With this tactic lets say you jump into oh I don’t know M-OEEB. at a non-hostile gate.  warp disruption bubbles can pull as far away as 45-50KM . So you warp to your spot 151KM from the gate, look for the shiny bubble/ scan for interdictors/ heavy interdictors, when that is clear you jump on the gate and hit the jump button

Unknown Systems ~ systems your not as familiar with that you may not have traveled through before

Tactic 1

When jumping into a gate with a single gate camper on a bubble do not immediately decloak look for where the bubble is coming from. If from a HIC kick the MWD/AB on run like hell. My broadsword does incredible damage right out to the end of my bubble, so your tank better be good. If you are a frigate sized class vessel run very quickly as you do not ahve much ground to cover ( roughly 4-6 KM) If you try ot make it back to the gate your dead meat. If your thinking of attacking my broadsword can survive a Doomsday device, so you better have some friends and ‘bring the pain’.

Tactic 2

Warp into the same gate above with a mobile disruptor. 1) report this to friends/ allies 2) prepare to be podded home 3) come back with a heavy group and shoot the bubble down. The reason for this is simple Mobile Warp disruption bubbles ( especially the T2 kind) are not all that cheap to just waste with impunity so chances are this is a serious camp with many vessels. The only way to survive this is warp in with a Covert Ops ship, align in a random direction, cloak and fly in an even different direction from where you started. I have de-cloaked people who did this before but it is not easy.and warn people not to jump through. Intel from friends is a great way to avoid trouble.

There is no real magic to saving you to get out of a bubble. Do not panic, we who bubble, rely on this for you to screw up at which point we shoot you down. If it is a big camp with many more vessels report the intel and relax, it won’t hurt you to get podded and the intel will save others. If this is a common problem for you send in scouts first.

If it is a single guy in an light interdictor, shoot him down, unless your ina frigate or a interceptor at which point you should have run.

If it is a single guy ina HIC realize you do not have to go that far to get outside his range you just have to be faster and stand up to some firepower.

Note 1. Do not under any circumstances toy with those camping in a bubble, they probably have friends and I have seen my share of blabbermouths on local who bait those flying these ships. They warp back in, and find a second bubble on and ready for them.

Note 2 I have seen a POS that was guarded by 8 Large T2 mobile warp disruption bubbles that had only 1 single path that would let you actually warp to the tower. These are certain death.  Many people will set large bubbles from every major point in the system to try to capture all the entrance points to a particular bubble, remember you must be in line to the bubble for it to pull you in. Safe spots for the win.

note 3 Onyx’s and Broadswords are heavily tanked ships I have seen Onyx’s survive for 5 minutes with 10 to 1 odds…do not underestimate them.

So now you know. Scout ahead, uses safe spots, and when caught inside run like hell for the outside edge!

~ by Manasiv5 on March 18, 2009.

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  2. Great great guide!

    It really saddens me when people do not post any comments on these super nicely written guides, but this one is a keeper!

  3. Nice guide, just what I was looking for now facing these things in w-space.

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