Where do we go from here, now that our exit has closed up?

SO myself and several corp-mates decided to explore a bit in WH.  We found a WH ( not the class and type we were looking for but hey it is kinda random so we take what we can get) We entered the WH and ran to probed out site that had some sleepers in it.

Our fleet?

5 Ravens ( spider tanked) with Medium T2 Shield bots, 1 Falcon, 1 Heron ( I flew the Heron and the Raven) We salvaged quite a bit of loot but those damned Radar sites  we cannot seem to find yet.  This particular system had 8 , yes 8 mining belts :(.  As I said before sometimes you take what you can get.

Now, before you ask let me explain the spider tank.  Keep at 1500M and lock all your pals.  Once someone starts getting shot ( normally the sleepers shoot two people) drop your drones out, and then onto one guy and hit your other guy being shot with the large shield repper.  This way as long as you have high resistances everyone can stay the same.

Case in point:

Same fleet above getting ready to leave our home system we were attacked by Arazu, Rapier, Huginn, Apoc, Falcon.  They could not break the spider tank and got spanked by 5 T1 Ravens…..Spider tanks ( and more importantly those that fly them who know what they are doing are VERY hard to break)  They lost the fight ina  big way and I can imagine their commander saying you lost to what?  Ravens?

So, we all jump in take out some sleepers and the Heron jumps back with all the loot, heads to the station and then I come back in my pod. I jump back in 2 of our guys get out, and  the WH collapses.  No worries, I had found an EXIT to HI sec of all places 🙂  * Moral of the story DO not jump in your fleet without having found some sort of exit.  Or let your probe ships do the work then bring the fleet in.

HI SLOTS:6 launchers on the ravens 1 Large shield repairer, 1 extra to play with.  MID SLOTS: 3 resistance 2X invulnerability field 1 X EM (photon) 1 Large shield extender II..this leave you with 2 slots depending on skills you probably want a painter or you can boost your shield with another Large Field extender…we went with 2 X cap recharger II’s and I dropped my extender  and went with a painter.  (The key is high resistances across the board)  Kind of funny how Omni tanking is now the way to survive eh? LOW SLOTS: 2 BCS II’s 2 PDU II’s 1 Damage control II.  You may be thinking the DC 2 provides no benefit.  let me tell you this is not the case that’s the only way I made it through an encounter with 6 sleeper BS’s…I rolled out of that fight with 10% structure left.

Lost a Sabre in a fleet fight last night, damn they go down but fast….but hey fun fun fun ship to fly.

My Scorpion’s hav not seen any action as of late but I am sure I’ll be bringing them back out before too too long.

I will be continuing my fiction on Manasi sometime this week so I should add a chapter 7 soon.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 23, 2009.

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  1. We've been flying with a policy that all pilots with scanning abilities of 4/4/4/4 should always fly with a core probe launcher as backup in case the cov-ops buys it. Since the radar sites tend to need BC's to tank their dps anyways, finding a spare utility slot is not usually a problem (I'm finding cyclones are coming into their own with 5 turrets and 3 utility slot layouts).

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