17 Dreadnoughts down in 49-U6U

Plus a carrier, plus a support fleet and a POS…priceless.

Sons of Tangra lost 3, Morsus Mihi lost 2, Tai Ceti Federation lost 2, Goonswarm lost 6, Razor lost 4.  We had a battleship fleet arrayed against them.

We did take damage (of course) but this has got to make them think **do I really want to fight these guys…just a  little.

Here is a link to the battle report , I am using Dotlan’s, as they are fairly neutral I think, here is the link

at roughly 1.5 Billion a Pop plus modules probably 2 B a ship could be  a reasonable estimate 34 Billion down the tubes in less than 4 hours. I do not think I could spend it quite that fast ( ok ,well maybe I could but you get the gist)

49- is a HUGE hotbed of damage going either way, so by all means this is just a battle.  They have fought well before and we have fought well before.  They will fight well again and so will we.

I got hit trying to get my ceptor in the fight, but brought my trusty ole stabber and fitted her up, and she made it inside.

On top of ALL THAT, yesterday I took down my first Carrier (fun for me , not so much for the Morsus Mihi pilot)

So, yes lots of fighting and lost of loss, such is war.

~ by Manasiv5 on March 25, 2009.

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