Trapped in 49-

So it seems that Manasi is trapped in 49- ( where a great many stories have been coming from in the querios region of space adjacent to Period Basis/ Delve.  Goonswarm has decided to pound it out with Triple A (-A-) Stain Empire ( SE) Systematic Chaos ( Sys-K).  Reported 4 titans in system and me in my lil ( but blazingly fast interceptor, named “blazingsaddle”) 50 man Dreadnought fleet, +  various other nasties and whatnot.  I helped take down a Goonswarm carrier though and that was quite fun.  He launched drones at me but sadly for him , lucky for me, they could not catch me.  leaving the system has been fraught with much peril though, so effectively I am now trapped.

My alt ( the same one that has all + 5’s for learning and Advanced learning skills ha reset skills for perc/will and has really started to grind out those needed skills so that she can fly Amarr recons and T2 cruisers…look outI will be gunning for you to be sure!

The scatterbrained training( 185 skills with 22M SP for Manasi)  has really allowed me to take advantage of the  the skill Que’s and I am knocking those skills out in fairly rapid succession.

Have not been on a wormhole since this weekend but our industry wing ( yes we have one) has already started to evaluate salvage brought back from the WH’s, so we shall see how long it will be till I can fly both the Loki and the Tengu !  I played with them on Singularity and they were very fun 🙂

I may indeed be putting back my killboard so that link again may go active.  Till next time.

~Manasi ‘the mule’

~ by Manasiv5 on March 25, 2009.

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