Rolling to the Warzone

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This month’s topic comes to us from Quintrala of Speed Fairy . She suggests to “write a short fiction story about the dissolution of the BoB alliance. It could be from BoB’s point of view, the Goons’, by neutrals in 0.0, civilians in Empire, NPCs or even rats. Write about before, during or after the coup; give us stories of market, war, people or love. In-character or roleplay. We want to know what happened, from those fictional characters that, in your mind, were part of it.

Manasi walked hand in hand with Janelle through the station in PAYE.  His life certainly was even more different from when he first met her some months ago. Since then he had grown tremendously as a pilot now a he  had cross trained for HAC and recons as well as heavy and light interdictors. Both Minmatar and Caladri classes could now be flown.  Manasi ran down the ship classes and got ready to board the light dictor ‘Hercules’ and decided the opt for the heavy dictor ‘Vehemence’.  Not only was the Vehemence  10X harder to kill but she could unleash merciless damage.  The station was buzzing with the collapse of the corp ticker for Band of Brothers, they watched the screens, as they walked down the promenade.  Some heads turned away for a second to admire Janelle dressed in skin tight ‘uniform’ as a crew member, when in reality she could now fly the ship. The Uniform covered the new implants she had.   The skills she always had, had been augmented with pilot inserts, and she was learning Amarr ships at this time.

My communicator chirped and the Alliance channel buzzed.  Emergency meeting of the Corp and report to hangars for instructions. Manasi and Janelle headed to the conference room at the Imperial Academy School, they had stopped there to rest and relax a little and here was an emergency meeting.  Manasi sighed, when was he going to get time alone with this woman again, she chided him …”watch out your grinning again”.  Manasi said, “Sorry, I can’t help it.”

The meeting convened with the CEO talking first, ” According to alliance intel Goons are going to pull out of Feythabolis and Esoteria, and we want to make sure they never come back.  All Goonswarm alliance members have been set to -.10 standing and should be shot on sight.  This is not a change in standing with the following exceptions:  Atlas, -A-, Stain Empire and C0ven, Red. Overlord, are all on the Blue list now, temporarily we are canceling the NBSI policy till standings can be assured.”

Now that was news.  Ceptacemia CEO’s and Directors please make arrangements to head towards that arae in Catch contact -A- for information.

Well it seems that Cepta and all the alliances were going to War.   On a more personal note Manasi realized that just because the Name BoB didn’t exist anymore, didn’t mean that thos pilots loyal to their friends wouldn’t fight.  Janelle asked him “so what now?”

Manasi replied, lets gear up and head to engagement area.  He transferred 300 Million to her account so she could arm ships and prepare.  Want to clone jump or drop by and see your folks?…it might be a while till we get back….

49-U6U, several weeks later.  **Coms buzzes alliance pilots prepare to engage the seven enemy POS’s….With 1722 pilots in local, the chatter was overwhelming to say the least but all seven towers fell.  Jenelle toggled the com link ” Manasi you get your interdictor out of that camp with the two sniper zealots?”  Manasi replied, “Yea I went back to the friendly POS and repaired, we  are rolling back now.”

**after action report**

Heavy losses in the 49-U6U system have plagued the Goonswarm Alliance, Razor Alliance, Pandemic Legion, in the past two weeks they have suffered tremendous losses totaling upwards of 65 Billion dollars in hulls and ships, with 17 Dreads dieing in one 4 hour block of time to the forces consisting of : Systematic Chaos, Stain Empire, C0ven, Against All Authorities, and Atlas alliance.

**end after action report**

Quintrala, good idea indeed!

~ by Manasiv5 on March 29, 2009.

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