How do you know your 'winning?'

We as with most posts I normally try to answer in terms of three things I think most people care about.  In this order : Cost, Sovereignty, Fun


I have been doing some  analysis, as much as I could from the killboards, to determine the cost of the fight to our enemies in this second major war into the the former BoB/Kenzoku  Space.  To date I have looked from the 25th of March through the 30th of March to get an idea.

Using the Triple A (Against All Authorities ) or -A- + Stain Empire’s Killboard + Systematic Chaos Board, in addition to the Kenzoku Boards, and the Goonswarm boards I think I have it nailed down fairly well.


  • Carriers: 8
  • Dreadnoughts : 27  isk Loss: 47.418 Billion
  • Battleships: 341

Total destroyed: 1431 Ships Cost total: 104.603 Billion


One of the areas I know the least amount about except through watching actions and how they reflect on the influence maps.  So far no change quite yet.  This weekend saw the replacement of somewhere around 10-11 towers (Goonswarm + her allies) lost them and they were replaced by -A- and others.

There are 49 moons in this system, so as a result the balance of power ( and the number of towers actually in place and claiming sovereignty, is very hard to figure out.

**** As a side note if you did not know it Dotlan maps is an exceptional resource and they will allow you to track the status of towers soon.


This game in the end is about blowing up the other guys ships.  All the other mechanics of that play into it really make battles fun and exciting.  Yes that right blowing up the other guys ship while he tries to blown you away is actually quite fun, provided you follow the golden rule.

“if you cannot afford to lose it, do not fly it.” Case in point, player A has 100 M and is flying a 350 M dollar battleship.  When the battleship goes pop ( and it will have NO thoughts that it will NOT, 200 ppl primary you, and you’ll die in seconds. ) can player a replace it?  The answer is no, so player A ( to further his enjoyment) should fly something he CAN replace easily.

OK.Manasi so what does this all mean, am I winning?

Answer 1 question:  “Are you having fun doing what you are doing?”

For my part hell yes this is fun.

Are you winning?  If your trying to answer THAT question you’re missing the point.


~ by Manasiv5 on April 1, 2009.

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