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So, Hitch has some, well criticism, over Apocrypha at Biomassed.  I happen to disagree with some of his points from his latest blog.

/rant meter is lit

The major source of my disagreement is this

There are some that don’t notice the degrading performance, they mostly stay in one system and mine though so… well you don’t count, sorry.

WTH? 1722 people in 49-U6U over the weekend and I was not being subjected to a slide show, or unable to use modules etc? I jumped 8-10 times in and out and every time grid loaded and modules could be activated within oh a second or two…I was able to take some screen shots in real time and I even turned brackets on and STILL i could participate? How is that NOT IMPROVEMENT? When was the last time 1722 people were involved with 50 man fleet fights without horrendous lag? Oh, that’s right, there has NEVER been a fight that big AND we could still play. Was it perfect? NO. Could things improve…of course.

click here for the info I am talking about

I am NOT a miner (at least I hadn’t mined till the gas harvesting thing and I needed to know how that worked) I fly HIC/HAC/RECON/INTERCEPTOR/INTERDICTORS in both Caldari and Minmatar races and have seen tremendous amounts of action in the last few months. NO, I am not the end all ,be all, or for that matter all that exceptional, but I have seen my share of action.

CCP has done a good job with Apocrypha, and to say it is buggy because 1 or 2 certainly has it’s merits ( everyone sees thing differently but defining the game as buggy and laggy because that what he has experienced, does not define it for all)

To give him some of the benefit of doubt there were advisories before the patch, which was disappointing if your a code writer, but whether we like it or not some bugs will get through, and by far EVE is much less buggy than any other game I have played (I will be heading into my 4th decade before too long and have played every game you can imagine and then some)

Traffic advisories all over the show in 0.0 and trust me, these are not a mere inconvenience when you have a 30 man fleet chasing your ass and you can’t jump through the next gate. Some kind of weird GFX lag at gates, stations and POS.

I fly all over Stain, Feythabolis, Esoteria, Catch and Delve and I have yet too see any advisories in the last 10 days or so, perhaps where his corp flies they are seeing them, but last time i checked traffic advisories were seen by all EvE players.

In the end perception is reality, I know this very well, but I try to not cast dispersions when I see a game: grow, improve, become more engaging, and allow people to do whatever  they want to do.  That is a success by any stretch of imagination.

/rant meter ends

Just so you all know I do not have to agree with you to be ‘right’, or ‘wrong’.  While I may disagree with his points, and they were kinda all over the place, that is what he is experiencing and far be it for me to not believe him, even if it was near April fools day.

~ by Manasiv5 on April 2, 2009.

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  1. You and your offer are extremely enticing my good friend 🙂 But these band of brothers I fly with would make moving quite hard on me 🙂

    I think I was mistaken then as I've seen no traffic advisories then and obviously others certainly are 🙂 Thanks as always for your input 'lover of mules" Mynxee 🙂

  2. I have seen traffic advisories from time to time, and had a couple of wierd crashes (seemingly related to changing ships with the ship fitting window open), plus one reallllly bizarre total freezeup, but 99.99% of the time I observe nothing of note in terms of lag while jumping around all over low sec either solo, in fleets, or into big gate camps. It seems the same as it always has been. Maybe you people need to move to low sec, where the cool kids hang out! *grin*

  3. fair enough then 😉 I have been on 13 hours at a stretch but I guessed I missed me…live ( blog) and learn i guess 🙂

  4. The traffic advisories are very real. Being in Australia, I'm on after downtime quite a bit, and they're a semi regular occurrence around then…

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