1 year with Ceptacemia

So a part of my journey from Empire Mission runner (long ago in October of 2007 till March 2008 I did run missions) to Alliance Combat Pilot has eneded. 160 kills now  Link Here while not overly proud, I am happy the way the year went.

1 year of blogging is complete ( I think I am a little shy of 1 year date when I first hopped on blogger but close enough)

Several times I have posted about times when there are not many people on, or too many enemies to fight with just to undock, and other reasons that might have you wondering… “Why the hell does Manasi stay with Ceptacemia?”

Several entreaties ( ok they were just hints but let me imagine if you will) from Dear Mynxee of the Hellcats , god my mind can go to a dark but oh so good place atm….* snaps out of it, anyways you may be wondering why I stick it out. ( don’t get jealous at me Roc, or Hallen or any of you other bastards)..haha see the joke? **P.S. Shae is only a extremely close second, but the two of them, no way any sane man can handle that wooo hooo (Is your mind now in the gutter too?  Good! Welcome & Enojy) Don’t you get jealous either Jorge I’m just saying the truth! **P.P.S. the reason Mynxee is listed first is she love mules.  🙂

The brotherhood of Combat is why.  I have flown hundreds of times with these fellas more specifically : Delta One, Phin Bu, Plattestan, Lone Spirit , Paul Farstar, our CEO Carl Tremura, Nitrov54, Gixxer, Dusk Nemesis, Luxo, BoB smackalof, Alexander  Frye, Darkstar Nomad and some that have left us for other ventures (** not a complete list and I’m sure I left one or two out) but it is a tight knit group of guys that just want each other to do well in EvE.

The skills they present are fearsome, Delta, Carl, Gixxer, Nitro can fly and ship in the game up to titans…which means if they have a ship where I am, and I need help they roll. We have guys that fly Jump Freighters and Carriers as well and will support me if I ask.  All these guys are different and yet all woudl help if I asked…that is a bond from combat. Having people at your back means that no matter what happens I know retribution will come if I get attacked.

With this firepower at my back should I need it fear has never entered the equation….ever.  I will throw everything I have at the enemy whoever they be.  we are a small group but we really do fight well together.

The future for Manasi is bright.  Well on his way to train up the few skills needed for T2 Projectiles on the Maelstrom, will leave his goal of T2 guns on the Battleship complete for the Minmatar Class of vessels, round out some training in Caldari T2 guns perhaps as well.

Over the next week or so I will redo some of the more fun enetries and update them per se.  I hope you all will enjoy!

~ by Manasiv5 on April 3, 2009.

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  1. Haven't played Eve in a very long time hehe. I've considered coming back but don't feel like playing with the drama that eve creates. Whish is why I was asked to leave from you guys and well any game with players and an atmosphere that paranoid is not worth the time.

    Was great hearing from you though,
    Bob Smackalof

  2. Long time bro, I'm glad to hear your still kicking =)

  3. Congrats an a successful year. And why would I be jealous? I assumed Mynxee was everyone's fantasy girl.

  4. Wow nice little speech there (my imaginings).

    And 4 titan capable pilots, that's special!

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