Epic fail on three fronts!

First Epic Fail to Goonweak alliance for losing in 49-U6U to lesser numbers ๐Ÿ™‚

Well ok I admit the title is a little tease.  So over the weekend 49-U6U fell from Goonswarm to The Alliance forces.  Those unfamiliar with the alliance members will know the names at least: Atlas, -A- ( triple A), Stain Empire, C0ven, Systematic Chaos ( that’s us). Amongst others who helped.

Saturday, I jumped in and we were further down the Querious Pipe as it were fighting the Goons again!  Horray! I engaged for a while in the flycatcher that I had setup.  The Op ended and I  hopped our Jump bridge and settled back home, hold still full of Warp Disruption probes.  I moved back into 49-U6U an Osprey with 2X large shield reppers and helped repair the 49-U6U station modules to full shields.

The second Epic failure is with an Alliance known as ‘Minor threat’, which in reality they are..but they are a pain in the butt and well they got pounded! So here is the setup. APocalypse warps in near a POS (where we do many carrier jumps) and  sets off a Cyno.  4 Black Ops battleships jump in, on top of the Cyno, and engage.  In warps a Broadsword…interdiction bubble goes up. He lights his own Cyno (can you feel the suspense building yet?) Out Warps the bait Apoc…In warps a titan and WHOOSH, Doomsday device is triggered they are all eliminated…EXCEPT the broadsword! Haha!  4 Billion in losses ( more probably but that’s the number our board gives) redeemer,redeemer,redeemer, widow .  Hats off, to the Broadsword and the Erebus driver, and the great bait ship.  Oh and isn’t [Karma] **their Corporation’s name** a bitch?  ** yes more glee than normal but I just really am not ‘fond’ of these idiots, so I will celebrate their destruction**

Last Epic Failure

Sigh..coms breaks and I hear a friend call out “hey Manasi wanna run a plex with me?”  “Sure” I reply, “what type?”  my Buddy answers “Never been there some Sansha site.” OK, I’ll bring my Rokh, ahh the loverly Rokh I like her the best only followed by a close second by the Maelstrom and the Broadsword.  24K shields 82% to EM and 65% to heat 1600 plate in the lows ( yes This was stupid as I will explain momentarily).  This ships weakness is Frigates and the tracking thereof.  I had a flight of Medium Shield reppers drones for my buddies Raven.  First room is cleared.  Second room is well problematic, lets just cut to the chase here and say I was webbed and scrammed by 5 frigates..every last one of them.  Not good.  My inability to shoot these blasted drones and the sheer number and size, plus my buddies drones would not guard me meant that I went poof.  Oh yes we get a True Sansha at the end and what does he drop ( as per normal for me) not a god damned thing worthwhile, a tag and a radio crystal…well gee with that I might be able to sell it and buy some damned antimatter ammo for gods sake.  ** Manasi remembers ratting in YXIB, vale of the silent, for months with no Dread Gurista Overlord, then when one showed he dropped ammo….I have the worst luck ever.**


Sigh…after realizing what we were facing I realized that a simple flight of lights would have saved me 10X over.  Had I NOT had the plate and instead had a Reactor control IIor a Power diagnostics unit II I could have kept pushing my shield recharger a bit. I was too passively tanked 1 Cap recharger II plus the PDU II would have made a huge difference, as would a flight of light drones.

I broke a good rule…know what you are up against…..Yes she was fully insured…no it doesn’t make me feel any better.  I do follow the golden rule “fly what you can afford to lose“.  I like Kirith Kodachi wonder why I have a 50 cubic meter drone bay while the other t3 battleships have 75 Cubic Meters…live and learn I guess.

~ by Manasiv5 on April 6, 2009.

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  1. Mhmm, back luck, on three fronts!

  2. Ah, Manasi ๐Ÿ™‚ Win some, lose some, eh?

  3. "I like Kirith Kodachi wonder why I have a 50 cubic meter drone bay while the other t3 battleships have 75 Cubic Meters"

    Oh, don't get me started. You think with that 25 m3 drone bay they are thinking of putting on the Falcon and Rook they could spare an engineer or two to take some space from the Admiral's quarters on the Rokh and turn it into more drone bay. GRRRRRR…..

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