Wouldn't you fight?

So I have listened amusingly to people who  love to beat up on Band of Brothers…err Kenzoku now, whatever their name.  For some reason people seem to think I am allied with the Russians ( supposedly, -A-)  Yet, most of the people in Goonswarm I have fought seem to only know Cryllic(Russian).  Why do I mention this? The EvE tribune had one such article here

While it seems that many people wish Kenzoku to fall flat on their face, we in Systematic -Chaos ( an ITALIAN alliance, with some American Corps and Germans and some other Europeans thrown into the mix, oh yes and some Swedish Players too) are allied against the nasty pain-in-the-ass craptastic alliance known as Goonswarm.

Many may say “why, when all the fish are swimming with the current, are you going the opposite way??”  Fair question.  I am a mule.  I do things my own way as does my corporation and Alliance and others who disapprove or say I should do this and that and whatever be damned!  Ever now and again some nice, young voluptuous woman might appease my ego and perhaps encourage me to think in a subtly different way,  but I am a fairly strong willed guy. Mynxee , Shae, Venom Orchid among others (who seem to be more wise than I)have subtly influenced my thoughts on pirates and other types, but I can be stubborn.

Here is how I looked at the whole ‘invasion’ thing:

Big ole neighbor from the other area (GS) decided one day to invade a neighbor of mine (KzK) who I never had reason to be mad at. Everyone wants to beat up on (KzK) for past transgressions as they were ‘evicted’ from the ‘home’. I had been arguing with (GS) for a while, and in EvE terms been fighting them for a few months.  I (our alliance) had never a problem with BoB) All of a sudden, (GS) decides to take (KzK’) ‘house’.  I live next door to the old ‘KzK’ house.  I wonder if they want my ‘house’ next.  Which they supposedly abandoned , while leaving quite a few gaurds in place, and lost a ton of money, as well as a jump bridge network.   Need I elaborate further?

Of course, I am going to fight them, if my old neighbor needs a place to hang out and several neighbors(Stain,-A-, C0ven) decide to beat up on the interloper (GS) then so be it, (GS) brought it upon themselves. I would also argue MOST people would fight them, so I think people are either hypocritical or like to see people fall.  I am neither a hypocrite, nor do I like seeing anyone fall.  I am also fairly territorial about where I live, is it my space?  No, not really, but if someone wants it, they will have to destroy every ship I have, all my assets, and then maybe I’ll go away…for a day. In this way, I identify with the Kenzoku players, and I have never ever professed any love for the Goon Alliance.

Let me know if my stubbornness really irritates ya.  I cannot promise I will come around to your way of thinking but I am not foolish in the extreme, either and I am quite logical.  Am I off my rocker?  Wouldn’t you all fight with Kenzoku if they were you’re neighbor? ( don’t worry if, I am off my rocker,  It is a comfy place and not many coax me from my stubborness cave)

~ by Manasiv5 on April 7, 2009.

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  1. In my little corp of casual industrialists, I think on balance we are urging BoB on (I still think of them that way). Perhaps because when we started playing was just about the time of the original attack on NOL at the beginning of 08, and therefore somewhat strangely perhaps when I started they were an underdog.

    And perhaps we just generally dislike an alliance that behaves like Goons behave. Sure, BoB are about as arrogant as one can get, but they actually do have some reason to be. Goons … meh.

    I have a friend in Goonfleet. He keeps trying to tell me not to judge them by their PR. I am … unconvinced.

    Though actually, when all is said and done, all I care about is how 0.0 warfare is going to affect material prices back in Empire.

  2. Well tbh I have nothing against either alliance. I've been on the both side of the conflict… well earlier conflicts but it's all the same. I have nothing against kenny as they've never done anything wrong by my views, someone goes to live in 0.0 and claims territory run the risk of being invaded. And I've nothing against Goons either, first of all I, atleast hope to, see beyond the smacktard image they broadcast and second GS fleet ops have been some of the best fleet ops I've been on… atleast the most fun. As to what playing the game only to break things… I play the game only to break things, so how could I critize someone else upon that play-style.

    But all in all I just couldn't give a hoot what happens in 0.0, unless it provides me with a) targets to shoot (kenny fleeing from the war 🙂
    b) chances to profit (regions left empty of pvp oriented people)

  3. well I guess it is trying to pick the best of two. Frankly I could never even consider flying with Goonswarm, to say assholes, denigrates assholes the world over. NO rather they suck ass, for every reason, they wish to 'play' to 'break' things…compound all the little evil 12 yr old boys in the Khmer rouge and you might get close…too me there was no choice…death to goons.

  4. Actually I think most people in EVE couldn't care less about either alliance. It's like asking which would you prefer moving in beside you? A serial killer or a psychopath?

    On one side you've got the elitist Kenny (we're better than you because we're older than you and we don't take any new players in) and on the other you've got the Goons (we're the zerg oh and we'll be assholes about it while we're zerging you). Not much to like about either of em as institutions. Mind you based on the dark world setting of EVE they are probably the absolute best roleplayers EVE could ask for.

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