Back in the Saddle

SO, after a while I am back in the saddle again 🙂  I read the very long patch notes and they seem to be rather complete.  I have ( and always will) read the information with some sort of wild abandon, to see what little bits of info I can use or need to modify in the way I play.  The Falcon and The rook are both ships I fly and EWAR was a game I played for a while so we shall see what comes to pass.  Kirith Kodachi did a great job in giving people a sneak peek .

Our war against goons continues on…49-U6U fell then further into Querious we have gone.  PL has been drawn into another fight (which doesn’t hurt us any) I am of a firm belief that there are no true ‘friends of Goonswarm.  People love or hate Kenzoku, for rational or emotional reasons so be it, I’m certainly not going to change that.

I have created a avatar Jenelle that will represent the characters in my fiction ( is that fiction helping me decide, or the other way around) Finally, I have also whittled down all the books I have to read and have started in earnest with Tony Gonzales book “Empyrian Age”, yes it has been a while I admit but I had to read about 25 books to catch up.

to that end I will be posting some setups that could be used (by posting the .xml files) so that people can have a fitting  and understand the rational behind it.  I have always been rather stingy at creating multiple hulls , for each with their own use.  Now i just switch out gear on the fly.  Most of my setups do not include rigs, although many times I do use them.  SO I will share my BC Hurricane with 425MM Autocanno’s II setup and you can see what you think.  I do not favor the all ‘Gank’ setup, rather I have a balanced approach.

More to come good reader, more to come

~ by Manasiv5 on April 15, 2009.

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