E:On Awards backstory

Firs things first, thanks to Mynxee who sparked this idea

ey all for those that do not know, after Winterblink announced that he was one of the people that helped in selecting the award nominee’s, I revealed that I too had been tapped for this, this was the “Dark Wheel”

I thought I would at least share some info on what went down.

All the nominating committee  members had about 6 weeks to research other blogs and whatnot to select.

This started in the EARLY FALL 2008.

We gathered master lists and then we voted for who WE would submit.

After we submitted there were category changes.

Once the committee submitted the list, things were changed (Hey it is their magazine they can do what they want)

Of all the nominee’s that were submitted 1/2 of mine were discarded.

No animosity there, no judgment, that’s just a fact.  I know what the final list the committee submitted was.  It did not match what was published, ( as I said  I was just happy that I was asked)  Sadly they probably will not ask me again after this and my other posts. 😦

The major thing I would change is the sheer amount of time that had passed since the committee submitted the list, and the time people were chosen.  I felt a little bad that some who had been nominated stopped playing and that so much time had passed.

We were all very diligent and tried our best and yet the amount of time that passed was so long, some people who had been nominated simply stopped playing.

For those that won a hearty “WAY TO GO”.

Here is some reference posts for you:

~ My post supporting Winterblink

http://winterblink.com/2009/01/21/the-dark-wheel/ Winterblink’s post

http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=973087&page=2 E:on posting forum link…There was some initial heat from people who would look for a site or whatnot and it had gone dead 😦 .

~ from a completely personal point of view  have never been asked to contribute anything to a game and was very humbled and honored that I would hav eben asked.  Who cares about a fake made up award?  Well I did and still do very cool that some company would allows players to choose who they honor with awards.

~ P.S. AMIE ( A mule in Eve), is,  as close as I can tell, 1 year old today! Thanks to those that post, comment, and cross link me and have information they wish to share!


~ by Manasiv5 on April 24, 2009.

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