..when summer comes..

So, much effort and time has been spent by me determining that I will not let actions beyond myself tick me off.  Every now and then I have to remember that yes it is a game, a game with cooperation, but I have found myself asking “do I want to log in and get grumpy at someone or relax?”  If I want to relax I hop on an alt character.

I have a character I created when the new EvE Online boxes were released and have been training that character up a bit.  The name is the same name from my fiction writing on this blog about Manasi and Jenelle (whose personality is based on my wife)  In something of a reversal, I have realized that I wrote the fiction and NOW have the character.  kinda odd in a way.

The Second alt is now able to fly Heavy assaults of the Amarr Persuasion.  Look out people that nasty sniping zealot is gonna get ya.

Oh and Dynasty Bank is something I have decided to “grow” my money with. I earn interest on Money deposited with them 🙂  I have made no bones about my support for Lavista Vista and the EBank but Dynasty bank‘s rates were awesome and I had a sizable amount to invest.

Not much Corporation news, which brings me to another point and something I REALLY need help with.

“Does the Number of pilots within your corporations Grow?  Shrink? or Stay the same during the Spring/Summer months?”

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I hate the summer ( I have a high body temp and keeping me cool is the utmost important thing as such I cannot stand heat ) but that is very contrary to what most people who live in the US actually do.  (I also had skin cancer removed and well… I avoid the sun now)

So, seeing as I hate the summer and most people I play with like the summer I do not get to see/hear them during these months but what about you good readers is it the same for you?

Please do let me know if you play more/ less during the summer, and more importantly does your Corporation do the same?

~ by Manasiv5 on April 27, 2009.

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  1. My corp doesn't lose any members, but playtime is diminished. Our CEO plays several MMO's, but seems to spend about the same amount of time in EVE as during the rest of the year. We've got another guy with 2 accounts and he took a break last summer to ghost train, and this summer he's getting married, so he's let his accounts go for a couple of months until the honeymoon's over.

    2 other guys will be playing the same amount as always. I may actually play a bit more this summer — I currently don't live where my computer is, but will be moving back to where it is in about a month, but I'll also have my kids with me over the summer and so I'll be letting them play SOE's new Free Realms, as well as their other games they like to play, so if I'm playing more it will only be in the late evenings.

    Yeah, we're a very small corp 😉

  2. It stays the same because it's just me 🙂

    Truthfully, I am going back to China this summer so I don't know what will happen.

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