Blowing up your ship…. isn't personal

Hey all.  I am steadfast, with opinions that very slowly change over time, sometimes it helps to know where you have come from. In the past I used to take it personally when I got shot or blown away. Not so much anymore.

Dee Carson is a guy I respect and admire.  He is the former CEO/Director of EvE University, (sorry but I do not know which).  So Dee left EvE Uni for what seems to be a myriad of reasons, far be it for me to question why, as I am an outsider.  He and several other very well know players created Seppuku Warriors (SW)

Sometime in the last few days SW has declared War against EvE University.

A POS fight happened and no one really got blown up and 4 modules were taken down…

Some members of the EvE university are blowing a gasket about betrayal, and getting upset and angry.. and what not.

That is about all I know.

In the past, I have always defended the new players, I have tried to educate, cajole, and encourage people to try EvE.

I still do  this. I like new players, a great deal in fact. I try to teach.

Others take a different teaching tactic(such as SW)  that I think should be defended.  So, back to Seppuku Warriors, Dee and others can, and certainly have defended their seemingly contrary positions well, but as an outsider maybe I have a point of view that is less emotional than others.

Seppuku Warriors is currently teaching the members of EvE university about the reality of the way that other parts of EvE live. Sometimes your the windshield, other times the bug.

In EvE there are no rules, there are consequences to actions.

You can do anything you want. ~ Pirates: The Bastards and The Hellcats, the faction warriors, as well as most of my other blogging friends, and my own corporation have taught me that much in 0.0.

To the members of EvE University ~ Stand proud, use good tactics, and fight!  Isn’t that what your teachers and maybe even your former CEO/Director might want? You are part of a great tradition in EvE and deserve respect and praise..don’t let your fears rule is just pixels in space.

To the Members of Seppuku Warriors ~ Good luck in your endeavors and I know things will go well for you. Sometimes being a teacher is hard, I hope it is also great fun!

To All: Be honorable and live up to your promises , and make your promises sparingly.

It really is that simple.  Attacks are not personal, there is (generally) some in-game animosity, but there is not a hatred of the other guy who blows you away or who gets blown away.  While at the 4th E:ON awards I met some very cool people that would have bought me a beer ( had I been drinking)members from various different corps and alliances and no one cared a whit about that… all proving that outside of EvE, they just wanted to enjoy the game.

What do you all think?  Do you take it personally when you get shot?  Should you?

~ by Manasiv5 on April 29, 2009.

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  1. While I agree there needs to be a certain level of detachment because in the end it is indeed a game, the excuse of "it's not personal" is a very shallow one.

    This is trumpeted by people who have a grudge, want to feel powerful or had a bad day and wanted to make someone else have a bad day to make themselves feel better. That is the end of it, there is no other reason. Anything else is justifying the above actions to yourself or others. You can make it sound as pretty as you want with the flowery justifications but in the end you are lying to yourself or everyone else if you say it's anything but one of the above reasons.

    The exception is defending well marked territory and wars. These are things people voluntarily involve themselves in for the fun of the game.

    IF this was indeed a teaching exercise as it is claimed, it would have been worked out with the heads of the University so both sides could organize the instruction appropriately. This was not the case, so see above reasoning. It was a grudge of some sort, plain and simple. I don't pretend to know what it was, but it's obvious this was not to teach. Dee may truly believe that was what he was doing and hasn't acknowledged to himself the grudge, but it is clearly there.

    I'll give the same example I gave on his blog about this. I made an alt for mining and was teaching a new player about mining, and we had a hauler I was teaching. We were in 1.0 space, right outside a starting station and some five year veteran flew in and flipped the can, taking everything. He too gave the lame excuse of "I am teaching them why jet can mining is bad, nothing personal." but he never said anything in local, never gave that excuse until I called him on it and he was trying to save his reputation. He was just an ass who felt like harassing new players. So a few days later I logged in my main, blew up his ship, and when he asked why said "It WAS personal."

    There needs to be consequences for actions. If someone spends a MONTH saving for a new ship, finally buys it and some asshat blows it up 2 minutes out of the station that IS personal to them, no matter how you justify it.

  2. I'm not going to get into the SW vs E-Uni thing because that's between themselves. As far as taking it personally, though, you are defintiely right, Mansai. I will attack pretty much any target that presents itself regardless of whether they're a friend or foe. Its nothing personal. We're both playing the game. If they're in a system with me they know I'm bouncing around and scanning all the time, even as I chat to them. I'm sure at the same time they're doing something similar. Likewise I never take it personally when I lose something. When I first moved into Hevrice I was young and naive and walked merrily into a trap in a hauler full of all my valuables. Even then I didn't take it personally. More recently I lost a faction ship in transit to a suicide gank. It is, after all, only a game.

  3. Manasi, thanks for the kind words. 'Preciate you, pal! Sorry that this whole topic seems to be a bit of asshat attractant. Whadda ya gonna do.

  4. "That is about all I know." if that is the case maybe you should not give such unasked advice. There are other things going on than POS shooting and learning EUNI a "lesson".

  5. well said indeed Sard! Perspective is important!

  6. This coffee hasn't quite woken me up yet, so I'll give a brief answer.

    If you must, take what occurs in game from a distance, and react accordingly. Many actions in game are personal attacks or retaliations, however one must realize that they're still playing a video game. Some times it's fun to give in to a rivalry, and to make it a crusade against one entity or another. I know I had a great time around December of 2008 starting my solo thing, constantly flying into Foundati0n space and mucking with their pets. However, while my goal was indeed to harass and annoy a certain group of people, I did so within the confines of the game system.

    I didn't smack, I didn't leave hate mail, I gave respect to those that fought me, and eventually ended up with more admiration for my foes than any other emotion. So many folks get mired in the politics or meaner aspects of this game, and allow frustration to turn ugly, into envy and distrust. It's good to just log in to have fun, and be accepting of others doing the same. Even if it means your ship is being ganked, POSes sieged, or iskies stollen.

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