DD, defend against a gank & POS gunning

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This month’s topic comes to us from CrazyKinux, and he asks: “What 3 things haven’t you done in EVE and why? Would you be willing to try one day? Why so? Why not?”

Ok so I find this idea intriguing.  Most of the items on my list are things that I have seen done to others, not necessarily done to me.  Most of the stuff that I really want to do I just do.  The three things Below are somewhat limted by the amount of skill points and time training not yet achieved.


I would absolutely LOVE to DoomsDay an enemy fleet.  the sheer damage that this can do is immense.  and I honestly would cackle in glee and hop around like a kid with a BB gun.  I just imagine it would be so absolutely fun to be able to successfully blow away oh like 20 or 30 ships in a single blast. Having been inside a POS when a DD went off I can attest the absolute carnage that was possible. I have not been able to do this as A I don’t have the money for a Titan, and B I do not have the skills to use it effectively. Aside from the skills money is very limiting factor as well!


killing those “ganking” a hauler ( I like New players and such, but perhaps I am missing something) what is so fun about destroying someone who is helpless?…  Have a put an animal out of misery, yes.  Was it ever fun? Hell no.  Big guys are not supposed to cry but I did after the incident below. A very friendly dog followed me and my brother around when I was young and we would deliver papers, we would feed him little snacks but when we would walk by his house he knew we would be back the next day,( the dog followed my brother and I through rain, snow, sleet, the whole works , for about 7 months) he was hit by a careless driver (who almost ran us over), and when we got to him he was still alive but barely.  My brother and I carried him back to his owner who also cried... I do not like, nor especially want to cause suffering ( mental, emotional, or physical)  I was never a bully rather the opposite, when younger, and I love turning the tables on those that cause pain/suffering.  So I would setup myself and act like a noob hauler…then come in and pound the crap outta them. I frankly have not been able to do this yet as I cannot fly the Crane or the Bustard, plus I cannot seem to find WHERE this is happening…suggestions welcomed!


The last thing of the three I would like to do is to be a POS gunner and simply vaporize ships in range.  I have seen it happen, and given my reaction to those who abuse others, defending my home would be such fun! Sometimes the firepower of these guns is just awesome.  I have seen one POS gunner utterly wreak havoc on those trying to destroy the POS he is at.  He was even respectful, after he shot people.  He acknowledged the loss by a simple ..”gf XXXX” ( x’s where the name would be).  Raining destruction…woohoo! So, I just have not trained anchoring to 5 and starbase defense up.  is this as fun as I am thinking or not?  Come on you POS gunners lemme know please?

So I maybe not all that exciting but, I’d like any reaction to my thoughts above.


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~ by Manasiv5 on April 30, 2009.

One Response to “DD, defend against a gank & POS gunning”

  1. Touching story about the dog. I've been a dog lover all my life, and I've had to put down 3. I cried too, each time.

    Nailing the hauler gankers, that could be fun. No, it would be fun. Shooting down an unarmed ship is like a school yard bully picking on the smallest kid – pretty cowardly, really. Takes no real skill in the game. So turning the tables on these players would be entertaining – if they don't run for the nearest station at the first sign of a ship with guns. And I'll bet there'll be a bunch of smack ( aka whining and crying) in local afterward.

    As to where? I'd ask the pirates on their blogs. I'll bet they know.

    I'd also like to confront the can flippers in high sec. Sit there in a cloaked ship and when they flip a can, decloak and then flip the can again and see if they like having their own game played on them. Then let the original owner have their ore back. Could be fun, not for long, but enough for a giggle.


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