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So I have been working extremely hard at Research Project Management on my alt Jenelle.  Some really very nice Corp guys decided to help us non-mission runners out and we have just been on a  grinding spree as of late.  Constant (every day fights) after 3 months is tiring in 0.0 .  So, I am very close to finishing what I wanted Jenelle to do and now have to look in new directions.

** Note that you can easily hit 1.6 M SP in less than a months time, without much trying I did it in 28 Days.

I created Jenelle as I wanted to see the game again from the new player perspective.  Losing sight of where you began is the surest way to fail.  I have yet again realized that EvE is nothing more than grinding missions to some people, and even some pirates who target nothing but mission runners.

I do not like missions, predictability is boring to me. So, to try to help new players I have summarized some very general types of folks ( many of the blog pack do not fit so neatly into the different areas and some cannot be classified but they all have taught me the bottom line.  Read the whole blog pack and you will ‘see’ the perspective.


I have unwittingly embroiled myself with Dee Carson and The Seppuku Warriors fight with EvE University and will now attempt to extract myself from this as I wish to leave them to their business. (stepping out of the line of fire as it is not my fight and they are MORE than capable of handling the situation .  I think I get what Dee and others are doing as explained below)

After creating a new player, and sitting in the new player channel and reading comments.  Running missions with my ALt Jenelle, what I realized is that new players lack is “Perspective” ~ In general, these schools have emphasized various combinations of the following: knowledge, understanding, experience, discretion, and intuitive understanding, along with a capacity to apply these qualities well towards finding solutions to problems.

That is the focus of this blog it is  to help folks out with all the learning that must take place to play EVE.  While not difficult to start,  like the introduction missions , what you do learn, is dwarfed but what you do not  know about the game.

The Pirate perspective is one that I did not understand, until I read the following:

  • Life in low sec,
  • Sweet little bad Girl,
  • Wensley: the pirate diaries,
  • Your money or your life,
  • Kane Rizzel
  • EVE-pirate
  • Broadside
  • Spectre ~ who I initially forgot..sorry buddy

What did I learn? Simplified : it is not personal, they shoot because you are there. Want to meet a pirate? Go to low security systems (any system under .5 securty status.)

The Large Alliance (0.0 perspective) I have lived and blogged about but the following also are about that subject: We want X area and we will get it.

  • Dawn of EvE
  • Crazykinux
  • Miner with Fangs ( SW isnt that large but his perspective is still valid IMO)
  • Ombeve
  • Winterblink

What did I learn?:  It is not personal, someone is standing in our and we’ll vaporize you to reach the objective.

Explorers Perspective: This is our space and we found it, better detailed by these blogs:

  • A merry life and a short one
  • Deafplasma EvE musings
  • Morphistat’s blog
  • A merry life and a short one

What did I learn?: Get out of my way, stay out of my space, or we’ll explode your ship and your pod.

Factional Warfare: Purty explsions are fun to watch.

  • Roc’s ramblings
  • EVE’s weekend warrior (I believe he did this although i could be confused with another from the blog pack)

We are out for Explosions: It is not a personal attack. This what we are supposed to do.

Did I know any of these things beforehand? No, I did not!

I thought “all those that do these things were some evil bastards that just wanna see me/you cry about our losses.”  That is simply not the case.

Ok Manasi I get that part how do I apply it?

Bottom Line

  1. Be a little bit paranoid, and do not fly it if your not willing to lose it.
  2. Fly with friends, the more friends the better, the less paranoid you can be
  3. Like your corp and make sure your corp likes you, without them your lost, be friendly to your Directors/CEO’s.
  4. Expect to be shot wherever you go, and be pleasantly surprised when you are NOT SHOT AT.

Take care, safe jumping!


P.S. any of the blog pack that want a correction please post it and I’ll add/move etc.. ~M

~ by Manasiv5 on May 6, 2009.

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  1. Humm, wonder where I fit in with my all over the place rambling

  2. Ding! Spot on!

    I did do faction warfare. It was alright, and a good experience of PvP, but now I am out.

  3. I can't believe I wasn't in your pirate list. You cut me deep Manasi.

  4. TY sir TYVM!

  5. Thumbs up, sir.


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