be vewy vewy quiet

I’m hunting some playtime for EvE.  It seems most every night some sort of  emergency has cropped up in RL, as a result little to any EvE time.

On other news, the friend I was mentioning is training hard for a thorax PvP boat.  I intentionally steered him in this direction as I have come to appreciate very much the nature of the Gallente Armor tank and just how fearsome a Diemos in particular can be.  A couple of weeks ago I was shown some EFT shots and oter evidence of how a cruiser sized hull can hit over 920 DPS ( as in the Diemos)  That’s not to say that a new player will do that but 800 or so DPS is certainly attainable.  Weakness sure there are some but as a pure “gank em and spank em” boat this really does show some strength of the Gallente design.

I also know about the Vexor’s and the nice sized drone bay they can accommodate as well, so these two ships seem like a nice goal while my buddy learns about EvE.

Any suggestions of Gallenete boats I may not be aware of or setups for a new player would be appreciated by both myself and my low skill point friend.

As far as Manasi goes I cannot wait to try out T2 1400’s with some nice quake or tremor ammo in them.  Sadly where I live in 0.0 T2 1400’s seem to be rare, so a buying trip may have to take place.

Definitely some EVE time this weekend along with Terminator Judgement Day ( which looks good)

Hope your memorial Day is great and if you get the day off sleep in a bit, I certainly will!


~ by Manasiv5 on May 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “be vewy vewy quiet”

  1. What fit is your friend going for on the Thorax? I've got a sorta new Gallente that will be my PvPer and I'm trying to evaluate good fits.

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  3. Gallente is good, very good!

  4. If he is going to do any solo work with the Thorax, EC-600 ECM drones are reccomended.

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