Kirith asks…Manasi answers II

SO Kirith Kodachi asks where have us bloggers in EvE been? :

Warning this a LARGE picture scaled down.

Large picture of places I ahve been

Large picture of places I ahve been

So lots of jumps through The Citadel, Domain, Kor Azor, Everyshore, Tash Murkon, Yribute, Vale of the Silent, even poking in to Tenal and Branch, while my firs encounter 5.5 years ago was in Venal.

Of late you can see all the jumps in Esoteria, Period Basis, Feythabolis, Querious and Delve as well.

Thanks for helping me remember the past Kirith!

Any and All comments ( except for spammers) are quite welcome!


~ by Manasiv5 on May 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Kirith asks…Manasi answers II”

  1. It's fascinating to see our different patterns of travel and living in New Eden!

  2. You're the first one to alter the orientation of the map. Interesting. 🙂

    5.5 years and no visits to Molden Heath! For shame!

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