I wished I'd known this when I started..Part 1

In an effort to help with the learning cliff for new players I thought I’d compile a list of things  wished I had known when I started playing.  Granted, having played for 6 years ( as of  TODAY  Happy 6th Birthday Manasi!) I have seen many changes but some constants do remain.

This is not the end all and be all list, I have tried to keep jargon to a minimum but at the bottom there is a ‘Jargon Buster’ for those who do not know what something means.

I can now ( after 3 characters) say I have flown almost every ship, of all of them I am relying on what my Corporation has talked to me and what I have picked up about the Amarr (my alt is 21 days away from the T2 guns on the Apocalypse Battleship)

If there is a correction, or something doesn’t make sense let me know and I will correct.

One big thing to help a new player out. The race that your character  STARTS with means NOTHING…here I am talking about the RACE of ships you FLY.  NO reason why Caldari, cannot fly any other race’s ships.

  1. Caldari

    • Pro’s
      • Shield’s  have a natural regeneration rate without adding anything
      • Missiles DO not Miss
      • the Best Electronic Jamming Ships in the game bar none
      • Great Mission running ships
    • Cons
      • Once the Shields fall these ships die incredibly fast
      • Missiles take forever to hit someone at greater than 50KM ~ as a mater of fact you’ll probably be dead by the time your missiles hit…the delay is quite long at large ranges
      • ECM is awesome but if there are more people than you can jam the reason all your friends will die is because you failed to jam other ships
      • Must Carry Ammo
      • Terrible PvP ships ( some exceptions do exist but in general…
    • Style of Game play
      • PvE (85%)
      • PvP (15%)
    • Ease of Entry
      • Good….Many new players do start as Caldari, ships are not very expensive compared to others
      • Missiles never miss so 1/2 of the difficulty hitting the other guy…is removed
    • Longevity chances
      • Moderate to poor.  The longer you fly Caldari ships the more you realize how fragile they can be compared to the other races.  Some specialty ships work Extremely well:  Onyx is one,  Kitsune is another, the Rokh battleships works Very well as a sniper
  2. Gallente

    • Pro’s
      • Armor require less energy to repair and can generally last a bit longer than shields plus they can become very resistant to damage
      • Blasters ( close in weapons for the Gallente) do the Best DPS in the game
      • Drones can REALLY add a great level of versatility to what ships can do from repair another to high damage in addition to the blaster DPS
      • Some incredibly resilient PvP ships and one of the highest DPS ships in the game (deimos)
    • Cons
      • Shields become irrelevant so remeber not to panic when you lose them
      • Can be jammed
      • Drones can get a little expensive if you keep losing them
      • You have got to get in close or you will die
      • Must Carry Ammo
    • Style of Game play
      • PvE (40%)
      • PvP (60%)
    • Ease of Entry
      • Good to Moderate….multiple things to be aware of: range, drones, speed, Capacitor ( no power you lose the ability to both fight and repair)
      • Some awareness of gun tracking needed
    • Longevity chances
      • Good most players can fly Gallente ships for many PvP and PvE.  A Hyperion Battleship is just one hell of a beast to kill.  The Megathron Battleships are very powerful up close.
  3. Amarr

    • Pro’s
      • Armor tanks are highly resistant to damage
      • Blistering DPS across the line of ships
      • No ammo, more room for other things
      • Good both up close, and in sniping roles
    • Cons
      • Highly dependent on Energy, if you run out of energy your dead
      • Can be Jammed
      • high engineering skills needed so that capacitor doesn’t become an issue
      • Understanding how guns track related to fast objects is critical
    • Style of Game play
      • PvP (80%)
      • PvE (20%)
    • Ease of Entry
      • Moderate an good understanding tracking helps a great deal
      • Good engineering skills are needed to not use all your energy.
    • Longevity chances
      • Good Ships can be expensive but are generally tough and well liked by PvP corporations.  The Apocalypse battleship is a VERY hard hitter, not to mention a fun ship to fly.
  4. Minmatar

    • Pro’s
      • Use both Missiles and  Guns on most ships
      • Use both Shields and Armor
      • Fastest types of ships
      • Great PvP ships
    • Cons
      • Split damage (two types of damage..missiles and guns) means that it takes longer to kill someone
      • Split defenses (both armor and shields) means you have to either sacrifice limited mid slots and low slot to protect with both or focus on either Shields or Armor
      • Easiest to be Jammed
      • Deep understanding of gun tracking needed
      • Defensive  requirements are a combinations of both an Armor  and a Shields ~ lots of time to get good at both
      • Offensive weaponry is good but either requires getting within 20KM  or sniping at 150KM
    • Style of Game play
      • PvP (90%)
      • PvE (10%)
    • Ease of Entry
      • Poor, skill requirements are HUGE to become even competent with Minmatar ships
    • Longevity chances
      • Good to Moderate.  I love this race of ship,  they certainly have their uses…but it takes a VERY long time to get good at flying them due to the split damage, and the split armor/shields tactics. The Maelstrom Battleships is a heavy hitter and fun to fly. The Tempest is also quite capable

Jargon Buster

ECM ~ eletronic coutermeasure..essentially a Jamming ship

Mid Slots ~ the middle slots of a ship hold shield modifications or more importantly things to keep the other ships from warping away or moving very fast.

~ by Manasiv5 on May 31, 2009.

7 Responses to “I wished I'd known this when I started..Part 1”

  1. Minmatar:

    "Pro’s * Use both Missiles and Guns on most ships"
    This isn't really a benefit, in fact its often considered a negative point. Split damage requires twice as many skills, damage mods only affect some of your weapons, and in most cases you'll be flying to maximise damage from you guns anyway so the 'versatility' of the missiles is largely ignored. That being said its not always a negative point either – it makes the Matari a good race to cross-train into or out of, as has been mentioned.

    Edit: in hindsight, you probably have the problems with Matari split systems covered in the OP.

    Oh and you missed Target Painters. I mean, seriously, as offensive EWAR these are the worst. Yes they now have a role. But the role is not worth bringing a dedicated Painting ship when most ships that require a Painter will dedicate a mid-slot to doing it for themselves. Major con to a PvPer who likes tactical support options.


    'Terrible PvP ships ( some exceptions do exist but in general…' is over stating the issue. It would be more accurate to say terrible Solo PvP ships. The problem isn't that the ships are awful its that a)missiles suck in large engagements (in small gang this is not an issue at all) and b)they do not conform to MWD/Point/Web/F1-F8 PvP styles. T1 Frigates fail, Crow, Kistune are both excellent PvP ships of their type, Blackbirds and Caracals are solid T1 cruiser PvP hulls in a gang, Cerbs and Eagles, fill niche PvP roles but do not suck at all, Falcons and Rooks are two of the best Recons for dedicated EWAR support (Rooks are only used so rarely because for a long time Falcons have been so much better than Rooks), Scorpions and Rokhs are two great PvP BSs in their own niches (hell, in Eve history even the Raven has been used to great effect in PvP). So I re-iterate its not that Caldiri hulls 'suck' at PvP its that they only have niche roles and when used outside of their roles they suffer badly at the hands of more versatile ships.

    So what if the Deimos has the most paper DPS. Once you factor in the time its takes to move from target to target, the effects of scram's, webs, neuts and the fact that to get that paper DPS you have to limit its tank then you realise that its a lot more complex than what EFT numbers say. There is a reason Zealots are FOTM: effective DPS. This is true for blasters as a whole, but largely you already deal with that issue – its just poor form to give young nublets the hope of 'wow, I'm going to play Gallente for the DPS' without pointing out that only rarely does that DPS get used to full effect.

    Also, an added Con: their EWAR has been beaten into the ground so much so that the Celestis is almost as bad as the Bellicose these days. Arazus and Lachs primarily use their mids to tank and tackle, not for the RSDs they were designed for.


    You missed: Pros – Scorch and Cons – next on the Nerf list. But in all seriousness, the versatility of Pulse Lasers from close to medium range is a major Pro for the race.

    Also, their racial EWAR is a pro. Tracking Disruptors – like ECM – can be the tipping factor in small scale PvP. In addition, the Arbi, Pilgrim and Curse provide some of the best combat EWAR platforms in the game. The ability to fit DPS/Cap Warfare, Tackle/EWAR/Speed and Tank/Speed provides an ideal platform for any PvPer looking to specialise in Gang support roles. The con with TDs is the obvious one – they don't effect missiles.

    "No ammo, more room for other things" is really" 'Thank god we don't need ammo, otherwise how the hell would we fit cap charges.' Actually, on Amarr weapon systems: HAMs on Khanid hulls and Drones as secondary damage on most hulls should be mentioned as well. It adds to the longevity/options inherent in the race (You can be a specialised laser user, or cross-train missile and drone skills and open up further options – including stepping across into other races).

    Otherwise good summary of the different races but you miss out on the benefit of cross trained characters. To that effect, I think it would be good if you spent a paragraph in the intro talk about the synergy that can be achieved with some perculiar specialisations: Caldari/Amarr for Khanid hulls, Gallente/Amarr as a drone pilot or the Navigation skills (both pilot and character) developed flying Matari hulls that is useful on a myriad of other ships. However, this versatility across races does come at the expense of deep specialisation (HACs, for instance, in all 4 races with the requisite support skills is a long training cue, a similar goal to getting into a dread for instance).

  2. Great article — I wish I had read this a year ago, although it's still a good read for someone who has only flown Caldari ships.

  3. Odd that — I picked Minmatar because it looked the most adaptable race. And it may have taken me longer to learn the skills, but I haven't really noticed and once you have them, you can cope with almost whatever is thrown at you — certainly in PvE. You have long-range sniping guns, close-up chatter guns, missiles *and* the occasional drone as well.

  4. Happy B-day! Remind not to engage you unless you're in a noob ship, and even then :))

    Having done some research before I even installed the client, I knew that going Minmatar would be a tough choice because of the training required (guns, missiles, shield, armor, drones, propulsion jamming…. sheesh!). But it did open the door to cross-training quite nicely, and now I can fly a mean Taranis or a super-tanky Drake. I still have tons of training to do (especially compared to a 6y old player!) but having the opportunity to fly what the job calls for is a great thing.

    I don't think I'll be training for ORE ships anytime soon though :))

  5. First off, happy Eve-birthday. Secondly, really good guide, mate. Another con for Minmatar ships is that you have to carry a lot of ammo, not just some. Here, here to the long skill training requirements, though.

  6. Dude super awesome stuff mate.

    This would most definitely help a new player in deciding their ship choices!

    Keep it up!

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