I wish I'd known that when I started… Part 2

So continuing on from part 1 where I talked about races and specifically the ships, I thought I’d tackle the second part of this series, this being  “What do I do in EvE to make money?”

None of the things outlined here are exclusive, meaning you can do any/all of these things.

It is very normal for people to do some of the following, the “trick” is to do everything that will get you ahead of the next guy.  Go out shoot the mission NPC’s, come back in a salvager and salvage everything, then come back in a hauler and take it all away…cost benefit analysis helps here.  “What does X cost me in terms of time/effort/material  and what is the expected Profit?” if the profit for you is the fun, then no worries, enjoy whatever it be.  If the profit for you is “I can get the next ship class/hull/module..then great.  If your Profit is you want 1 Billion ISK and be able to fly anything be prepared for  a long road.  As long as the cost does not outweigh the benefit your doing it right..if it does, change tactics some.

Below are some examples and my thoughts about them.  Notice the lack of PvP / Fighting professions, this post got way too long and I will strive to add that in the next installment.   This post has a bit more Jargon than the last one.


RED is a negative thing or somethign to watch out for

BLUE color is a positive thing

GREEN color denotes something in between good and bad

PURPLE is somethign that is Excellent

Manasi , Mynxee, Spectre, Kirith KodachiGoonswarm…just an illustration.  ~ Manasi

  • Fighting Options:
    • Ransom either the pod or the ship or both
      • Pirate groups make extensive use of these tactics…I do not… but hey, you cannot help but marvel at some of the money, read any of the hellcats blogs or any of the numerous pirate blogs just to see how much.
    • Destroy some one’s ship, salvage it, loot it and sell the modules.
      • Probably one of the most common methods to earn some money…but target hunting in low sec is difficult unless your with one of the aforementioned pirate groups.
    • Salvage wrecks from large fights or from gates.
      • While this may seem unfair, it is a  perfectly acceptable tactic to many, and a way to make money if you happen upon a battle filed.
    • Mission Running.
      • BY far the most popular form of earning money in EvE.  Run a mission get bounties on pirates, earn rewards for completing said missions…the higher your social skills the more you get paid in loyalty points/reward money.
      • Increase your payout by salvaging and looting or even asking if you can loot some one’s mission.
    • Plex’ing.
      • Another very popular form of mission running by exploring and using a system scanner you can run NPC complex’s and get bounties on the NPC pirates and sell the loot you get.
      • Increase your payout by salvaging and looting.
    • ‘Ratting’.
      • Simply put patrolling belts shooting NPC pirates and collecting the bounties.
      • Increase your payout by salvaging and looting.
  • Gatherer’s ~ Those precious Miners without whom  the Ore the builders need would not be collected.
    • Ice miners everyone needs liquid Ozone and various Ice to move jumping ships around.
      • Skill Cost: Moderate Ice miners skills take some investment of time.  There  are some Ice belts in high security space there are many more in low sec/ 0.0 areas.
      • Ship Cost: Moderate many ships that Mine Ice well cost upwards of 60 – 100Million.  Ships that Mine ICE need protection. Best if friends help in thins regard.
      • Chance of success: Moderate ~ Depends on WHERE you ice mine and if you have anyone who will protect you. Competition for ICE fields in Empire is fairly intense.
      • Monetary Benefit: Good everyone who operates a capital class ship needs some sort of fuel gathered from Ice to jump his/her ship around.
    • Ore miners everyone needs Ore and at the time of this writing Ore prices ar damned good.. 4.05isk per unit of Tritanium.
      • Skill Cost: Good Skills for Ore mining do not a long time to Develop but can take time to get very good.
      • Ship Cost: Good Miners can fit on many many ships and some of the T1 cruisers work very well as miners.
      • Chance of Success: Good.  Many people are able to mine well, competition for good area can be tough but not as hard as Ice mining.
      • Monetary Benefit: LowThe long term benefit of Ore mining has a limit, due to amount of space you can hold, if you have a friends that have haulers, plus good Ore is in 0.0 Space and some low sec systems. Logistics is a large headache with mining.  Mining is not often appreciated by Alliances as a profession and as such they sometimes get the bad end of any deal.
    • Salvager’s ~ very good money to be made by those that sell salvage to the guys that build rigs
      • Skill cost: Good to moderate.  Not many skills needed for a T1 slavager, the new T2 do require slavage 5 which can be a little slow to train.
      • Ship Cost: Excellent. Any ship can fit a salavager or four. Destroyers work well for this.
      • Chance of Success: Moderate to good.
      • Monetary Benefit: Good to Excellent.  Many people pay extremely well for some salvage, which takes little room and can be worth 250000to 500000 per unit, even more for T2 salvage.
  • Hauler ~ Profit can be made moving vast sums of material from one area to another area.
    • Low sec haulers can make good money by hauling items to low sec for pirates that cannot otherwise get gear due to low security rating
      • Skill Cost Moderate. Almost any new pilot can gett he industrial skill and within a week being flying an industrial ship through space. Special haulers that cannot get warp scrambled do take a little time to train for.
      • Ship Cost Moderate Industrial ships are not terribly expensive, nor do they require many modules that cost excess money.
      • Chance of Success: Moderate.  It is fairly easy to plot a course and pick something up and move it back and forth. getting through a camped gate to deliver your load is not always easy and the owner of the ship you just lost may get quite upset.
      • Monetary Benefit Moderate to Good. Some Pirates pay well others setup huge collateral for delivery of s ship and then blow you up AND sometimes get their ship plus the collatral that you paid them.  Can be risky if you do not know the customer.
    • 0.0 haulers who move gear to 0.0 alliances for them.
      • Skill Cost High. Jump Freighters take  quite awhile to get into and require quite  abit of money to buy the skill books.
      • Ship Cost High Jump freighters cost somewhere between 4.0 and 5 Billion!
      • Chance of Success: Moderate.  The jump fireghter take enormous amounts of time to align and warp, and catching them is somethign EVERYONE wants to do.  Good Cynosural field placement near friendly POS is critical.
      • Monetary Benefit: High.  Enormous amounts of money to be made moving good back and forth to 0.0
    • Hi sec haulers who move minerals around and parts and modules to make a profit
      • Skill Cost: Very Low.
      • Ship Cost: Excellent. high sec haulers cost very little.
      • Chance of Success: Good. Not many people will attack a hauler on the off chance it is carrying a small cargo load.
      • Monetary Benefit: Low. Not a huge amount of money to be had for the time it takes to move stuff around.Collateral that you must pay is exorbitant sometimes
  • Builder ~ Without the industry guys that build for a living we would not have anyone to turn the Ore into things we use.  The T2 variants obviously have higher prices and require different Salvage
    • Module builders
      • Skill Cost Good to Moderate.  The skills needed to start building are not very expenisive.
      • Parts Cost
      • Chance of Success Moderate.  The Margins ( difference between cost to manufacturer and cost to sell are slim) until you get into the T2 modules where good profits can be made.  Not  a bad place for an industry guy to start
      • Monetary Benefit: Low to Moderate.  Not  a great deal of money to be made unless you are in T2 modules or T 2 Drones.
    • Ship Builders
      • Skill Cost Moderate to Huge.  The skills needed to build regular T1 ships are not bad but they increase as one gets into T2 and Even moreso as on gets into Capital Class ship construction
      • Parts Cost: Low to Extreme. Ore costs do not move all that much but sub-components and others systems needed for T2 ships and Even capital ships can be enormous
      • Chance of Success: Moderate to Good. some money can be made by building ships and supplying them in  a market that needs them but market do change and require some for thought and planning to get it right.  The T2 Ships and Capital Classes ( once you get an established Corp or Alliance that lets you build these) have a good chance of selling
      • Monetary Benefit: Good to Excellent. Depending on what your building the margins can be much larger that they woudl be on the Modules that people build.
    • Rig Builders
      • Skill Cost: Low to Moderate.  Not too many skills needed to build T1 rigs which do sell, quite a few more skills for T2 rigs.
      • Parts Cost:  High cost, most rig parts can be fairly expensive
      • Chance of Success: Provided you have a good supply Excellent
      • Monetary Benefit Benefit: Very High.  Rigs are NOT cheap and are used in many many Alliances/ Corporations so a good supply, or someone who can supply them less expensively than the competition  can make money.
  • Lastly if you DO come into a sum of money think about investing it.
    • There are some reputable people out there that pay interest (some at attractive and quite  high rates )
      • Dynasty Bank ~ currently I ahve some money in CD’s with them
      • Ebank ~ managed in some part by the well known LaVista Vista from the CSM

Some notes to consider:

  1. The easier it is to do the less the reward your likely to get don’t stick with a level 1 mission when you could do a level 3..harder yes but way more money.
  2. The more time you invest in skills lets you do more complex things that earn a great deal more money.
  3. Just because you can sit in a  ship doesn’t mean you should buy it…get the skills that help the ship be better…then sit in the ship

Bottom Line:  The search for money is best accomplished when using multiple tactics.  Do not rely on just one or another…use as many as possible. The search is never ending, be creative find whatever works for you and keep at it.

Jargon Buster:

T1 ~ The first level of technology in eve simplest form of construction and least expensive in terms of materials..can take the form of anything player made.

T2 ~ The second level of technology, of a more power/specialized nature than T1  more costly to produce and therefore more costly to those who buy it.

Capital Ships ~ Carriers, dreadnoughts and Titans

CSM ~ Council of Stellar management, player elected representatives that work on current/future issues in EvE

NPC ~ non player character, or the computer AI that run’s things that are not players..up to and including the pirates that move around systems.

~ by Manasiv5 on June 4, 2009.

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  1. Nice write up! I always enjoy reading/listening to how other players make money. One thing that is rarely mentioned (for many reasons) is the art of scamming. I had never even thought about that as an eve "career" choice, but having spent a lot of time with Goonies recently I have learned quite a bit. While I'm more of a tin star type of player, it is good to know what to look out for. I've lived out in 0.0 space for a couple of years now, but I have just begun to scratch the surface of the many different ways one can go about making isk.

  2. Great guide again! This is a great series! I wish I'd known these when I started…..

  3. Both the "I Wished" posts were great — certainly a lot of good ideas on things I still need to do and try out.

  4. Ice mining good isk??? –
    veldspar – 8mil/h
    ice – 3mil/h
    what are you talking about?

  5. @ Angus you are right, but I literally ran out of room, I don't like posts to be too terribly long and this one comes close to my limit.
    @ Spectre that was a huge gamble on my part …hahaha..I almost went with Red but you've always been 'cival' with me sir so I gave you the benefit of the doubt

  6. Ransom? Ha! Pod first, ask questions later :))

  7. I'm going to take that color comment as a compliment.

  8. Nice post. It is missing some stuff on trading station vs intra region vs inter region vs inter sec level…

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