Been a long way back home.

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This months source materials were submitted up by AnMiTh from EVE Guru.

The sun glistens off the side of the Rokh as she slowly glides through space towards the station orbiting Amarr. This has been the end of a long journey, you had to go through the fire and brimstone of hell, but yet you made it in one piece. Those bastards who said I could not get her to Stain were right when they said it would be tough, they were also right when they said you would be rich.

The ship glides to a stop as the station’s docking computer takes over control of the “Saturn”. Before you are even ready to exit your pod the request is sent to your computer… “They” are ready for you in the meeting hall, they are anxious to hear about the journey and the status of the mission that you are on.

Manasi wondered if Janelle’s parents would enjoy meeting him or what the meeting might entail.  Though much changed with Jenelle as time with her has moved forward, he was still somewhat nervous about meeting Jenell’s parents.  The trip to Tash Murkon Prime was slow as he wanted to drive the clone he was in all the way back to a more ‘permanet’ settlement.  When Jenelle’s mother and father learned of this they told Manasi that they had a small facility on Tash-Murkon Prime, but they would meet him in Amarr as they wanted the facility to be a secret.

Manasi had picked the “Saturn” for her durability and firepower.  Opting for very Short range blasters, and a full complement of Anti-matter ammo, 2 flights of medium scout drones and tackling gear he had been prepared. The ‘Saturn’ was sitting on very high shield resists and an active armor tank, just for the survivability of this clone, so he had to be careful.

The last gate coming out of 0.0 to low sec was the ‘nasty’ as they come.  Goonswarm was camping the gate and had almost dropped a bubble on the gate when he had  hurridly jumped to 0 on it. Immediately a Warp Interdiction bubble had popped on the inbound side of the gate.  Manasi did not worry about that as he jumped through he wondered what the other side would hold.  Seconds ticked by while he remained cloaked…then the inbound indicator of shiips incoming spiked.30.. 40… 50… all looking like they were heading to the gate and sure enough at the 23 second mark 40 warped in to the gate he was still cloaked at.  Bubbles popped up and Manasi aligned and cloaked for the next gate.  8 jumps to 0.5 system.  By far the most dangerous part of the trip was the low sec run although this was the single most dangerous point.

as he aligned slowly…ever so slowly….. he realized that providence was with him…there was a big fight at the gate and as long as his speed held he could slide out while aligning to close planet.he was fully aligned and dropped his cloak, and punched it…6 seconds later as locks were resolving he slipped away.

Arriving at The gate he realigned towards the next gate and set it to automatically warp when he hit 75% speed. The Rokh suffered not a scratch as others were more interested in different targets. Manasi met Jenelle’s parents on the hangar deck, as they walked back aboard Manasi relayed all this to Jenell’s parents and then calmy asked is there anything you need for me to tell your daughter?

“Chief of the boat” intoned Manasi to his wrist, jeff replied “Sir?”.  “Make way to Amarr coordinates and all relays through Mr. Forsythe coms”, said Manasi

“Aye Aye sir, all ready to roll on your order..”said Jeff.

“The order will be handled by Mr. Forsythe temporay designation Alpha sub 1”

Manasi approached Jenelle’s Father ,”make sure nothing dings up my ship will ya?”

Mr. Forsythe gaped, stammering ” I’ve never commanded a Rokh before….”

Manasi wispered “don’t worry you just get to be navigator, and this way it stays classified.”

In his quarters Manasi offered his guests anything they woudl like to eator drink, both were very kind and some small talk was made.  Then,  Jenelle’s father came to him and asked him sternly, “You’re protecting her aren’t you?,  How do you know if she is safe when you ahve just made 71 jumps?”  Manasi said to him,  “if I am shot down I will end up where she is even if I pull the plug myself I’ll wake up near where she is staying, and yes I watch out to make sure she is ‘safe’.

Mr. Forsythe relaxed and said, “Your a good man sir please see that no harm comes to our daughter she has been through much…. and tell her to visit us more often.”  Manasi replied, “I will certaily do that sir.”  Jenelle’s mother came over to him and hugged him as hard as she could kissed him on the cheeck and said pass those on to my daughter if you could ‘Mr. mule’, Manasi laughed she knew more than she let on this Amarr Genetic scientist thats for sure.

After installing his clone, Manasi smiled to Mr and Mrs. Forsythe.  “I will see you soon ok?  If you need me send a message, The chief of the boat will stay till he makes sure you’re safe then he will scrub the logs. I’ll pass on the messages and take care of your daughter…  Take care for now.”

He blinked and Jenelle was smiling at him.  “Uneventfull?” she asked, after he showered, “smooth as silk..” He smiled ” It was a long trip.”

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