Mule returneth

Back from vacation.  Had fun, sailed a bit, got some rain on me and a bit of sun too.  All in all a wonderful way to spend my 10th anniversary with Mrs. Mule.

I’ve been keeping watch about EvE Bank, and some other various comings and goings.

Spent the better part of this afternoon upgrading the site to 2.8,  Need to edit the blogpack link I think as it may perhaps be not up to date.

I plan on cruising around EvE tomorrow so I should be able to have a decent update Mondayish.

I hope all is well with you loyal reader…fair winds following seas at watch out for gatecamps and pirates!

~ by Manasiv5 on June 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Mule returneth”

  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to your update.

    I must be quite odd among EVE players (or bloggers at least), before this big EVE Bank thing I had never even heard of EVE Bank.

  2. Welcome back, Mule. As a mule fan, I can't see why your wife wouldn't be honored to be dubbed Mrs. Mule, lol!

    The EBANK business dismays me. Scamming or thieving people you don't know is one thing; doing it in that kind of mutual trust/shared effort kind of thing seems quite another. The former, I can laugh at. The latter just makes me feel sad–even given Ricdic's explanation for why he did it. I have a few billion ISK in investments that are–as always–situations of trust. While I accept that all of it is at risk of never being returned based on the whims of other players, I will still be highly disappointed were that to happen. I guess that's because while I don't trust players blindly, I do trust certain ones based on substantiated reputations and/or long term friendships. Should my ISK with them disappear into the void, I would feel pretty betrayed (although thinking at the same time, "Well, win some, lose some.").

  3. some how i very much doubt she would want to be called Mrs. Mule lol, cheers here's hoping she doen't red thisheh

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