How to 'camp' a gate 101

SO Saturday I hopped in my falcon and decided to drive some gear about 30 jumps away from my destination. I loaded the falcon up with the standard jammers and whatnot, but dropped 2 cargo extenders, and dropped a bunch of loot into the hold.Covert Ops II cloak in the HI slotand off I ran.

All was qiuet, till about 9 jumps out from desination. I jumped into a system and saw one nuetral…warping to 0 of the gate I saw activation. Out hopped  a nuetral on the outbound side of a gate.  I waited about 30 seconds on the outbound side and saw the gate activate again, so I jumped in. ( I think one jumped in to take the place of another)

A light interdictor, popped a bubble while I aligned, cloaked, and lazily made my way out of the bubble. I was facing 5 ships all orbiting at about 20 from the gate.  They were flying seemingly haphazardly and gave up looking for me after about 60 seconds, either they did not know if I had jumped in, or they were unaware of the gate activation, or they fell asleep once the bubble went up.   2 cruisers 1 battleship,1 light interdictor and one unknown type.  Falcons are not necessarily FAST and with the expanders even less so.

In the past I have discussed how to decloak a cloaked ship with a an interceptor.  This requires three things:

  1. A FAST interceptor
  2. A quick eye
  3. the ability to pay attention.
  4. An interdiction bubble  {optional}

Given the above 4  items plus the addition of drones or fighters..most people might be able to get a cloaker..none of the above ( except the bubble) existing in the ‘gatecamp’ I came across…note to the gatecampers… always have an interceptor at 0 of the gate.

Which brings me to list some things to do if you want to successfully camp a gate:

  1. A good interceptor pilot, by good I mean a guy that keeps his eyes open, his MWD burning, and his Warp disruptor ready to rock.   The interceptor pilots role is twofold, one to quickly point down the guy who wants to get away, the other is to de-cloak those that use this technique.  Some tips for doing these jobs….setup the overview correctly  as I describe here.  Make sure you know the technique to decloak someone here.  Pay attention.  Sit at 0 to the damned gate and do not orbit. If your cap gets low ..communicate that to any help you have at the gate…if you see the agte activate hit your MWD, approach and lock.
  2. Firepower, a Caracal slinging missiles is not what I mean ( nothing against the Caracal but hey bring some real DPS to the gate)   Something capable of burning through a shield or armor tank ( Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar..heck even Caldari T2 Cerberus might help) 2 ship2, cruiser hulls or T2 cruiser hulls would work something that locks fast and can lay down firepower.  If you have a good interceptor pilot even frigates work well here, the cruiser hulls allow for some survivability
  3. A Light interdictor with two ( yes two ) interdiction sphere launchers. Once you launch one sphere if you have an idea {optional}
  4. If lacing the light interdictor or two, bring a heavy interdictor {optional}

These tips are not haphazard they come from many hours sitting at camps ( or avoiding them) and the going back and dissecting what I might have done differently.  Yes you need good engineering skills to keep the MWD burning, yes you need to pay attention especially if you cannot keep the mwd burning.  You need to pay attention to intel reports 9 if you have them)

Firepower is not a luxury you must have it for the camp to be effective.  One of the surest ways to break a camp is bring more firepower through than they can effectively counter, take out the tackler’s and annihilate the rest.

Interdictors make these tasks easier but by no means foolproof ( as described above in the camp that tried to catch my falcon)  Light interdictors are very fragile, carry limited probe numbers and can be difficult to learn to fly due to thier expense.  Heavy interdictors are the opposite problem.  They are expensive to even acquire and they are notoriously difficult to kill.  The difference between the two is the heavy interdicitor can move the bubble to where the enemy ship is first seen on the overview, to give his buddies better chances of catching him ( either decloaking him or just killing him)

Camping can be a good way to catch the unwary, but will certainly be mocked by me for those that do it poorly.


~ by Manasiv5 on June 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “How to 'camp' a gate 101”

  1. There is no escaping a gate-camp if you're in a flying brick. Said brick will just get bubbled, tackled and popped, and if it's coming from the other side of the gate it even worse because it will come out of cloak too far from the gate to jump back, and would just get bumped out of range if it tried.

    But if you stick to hi-sec you should be OK, unless your corp/alliance gets wardecced.

  2. May I just (mildly) protest — as a full-time carebear, this seems a little harsh of my species.

    How about asn article on how to *evade* a gatecamp when yoy are in, say, a Flying Brick, witrh zero cloaking, zero manoeuverability and a warp drive that takes the age of a hamster to align, warm up and fire.

    Fortunately, as I am careful to stay hi-sec whenever possible, gate-camps aren't as common as they mightbe

    Jenni C

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