Tactical Use of the Overview V.2

Lats year, in November, I created one of my most popular posts, I did not know it would be so popular but I had just gone through a catastrophic rebuild of my system and lost every setting I had.  Well it is 9 months or so later so it is time to update it once again.

I have broken it down into Steps By Tab ( running across the top of the screenshots)

Some caveats like last time.  Under no circumstances, do this just before engaging.

Find a safe area to set this up in.

First up is probably the most difficult to do, because if you goof up here and mis-select something you wont know until your done with the overview.

The overview is for PvP.  It does not show friendlies, drones, star gates, asteroids or anything else that will screw up your ability to ctrl + left click your target.

You can Start by getting to the overview setting within your view up tiny little with triangle next the the title of the overview.  Click it then go to Overview settings.

The first tab you will see is the one below ( this view is all compressed I have expanded the following to help you select the following options:


  • Go all the way to the bottom of the screen and Deselect all
  • Select NOTHING in the asteroid list
  • Select Bombs in the Charge List (perhaps bombs might be usefull that’s up to you

  • Inside the  celestial category select BEACON & WRECK

**editors note… if you want to see wormholes when you PvP or any other Celestial body select it from the list.

  • Nest step is to see deployables…Mobile warp disruptor’s can be killers
  • Now select NPC pirates from the NPC category
  • Select all ships that you wish ( I want to know anyone who comes and goes so all ships are selected, you can leave off titans and whatnot too as if you see them and your friendly it is probably too late šŸ™‚
  • Structures can be beneficial if you are raiding POS’s if not leave it blank, if you are select what you need (I create a separate overview setup for POS modules in case we do raid a POS.

Ok the most tedious part is done  Types is done!

#       #         #          #         #           #            #


certainly this one has less options and can be much less confusing however if you get this wrong you will shott friendlies ( blue on blue can mean getting evicted from an alliance and shot on sight (I’ve seen that happen)

Here is a list of what states to show:

  1. Pilot has bad standing
  2. Pilot has horrible standing
  3. Pilot has neutral standing ( I live in NBSI ” not blue shoot it” if you live in NRDS “not red don’t shoot you would leave this unchecked
  4. Pilot is at war with your Corporation ( if your a factional warfare type you can select war with militia option)
  5. Wreck is already viewed
  6. Wreck is empty

***note there is no outlaw setting this time as this was changed

#       #         #          #         #           #            #

New tab ! now your trucking!


Appearances can be tricky to play with as it affects both the overview & the local list

Select the following in the Appearances tab under the COLORTAG section:

Color Tag

Remember color tags apply to every window

  1. Pilot is at war
  2. Pilot is in your fleet
  3. Pilot is in your alliance
  4. Pilot has good standing
  5. Pilot has horrible standing
  6. Pilot has bad standing
  7. Pilot has neutral standing ( remember I live in NBSI)


Background’s apply to the overview tab

** this is an optional step but I use it  feel free to disregard it if you like

  1. Pilot is at War with your corp/alliance
  2. Pilot has horrible standing
  3. Pilot has bad standing
  4. Pilot is neutral

Lastly make sure to select you ewar types  ( all of them)

#       #         #          #         #           #            #


Columns show on the overview as such they contain good information I use the following:

  1. Icon ( optional)
  2. Distance (critical)
  3. Type ( critical)
  4. Name (rritical)
  5. Velocity ~ to kill someone they had better be going slower than you
  6. Traversal Velocity ~ for gunnery to be effecyive this number should be low as possible

#       #         #          #         #           #            #


Shows information over the ships on the main screen ( not the overview) as you hover over them sometimes it is good to know the corp/alliance.

#       #         #          #         #           #            #


one single checkbox that I find useless. I leave mine blank


From the filter tab click the triangle  and save current selection type as whatever you want to call it (mine is PvP)

#       #         #          #         #           #            #


The best way I can say on how to use this is to make everything match

Bracket profile deserve some mention here but I want to keep the post as short as I can.

#       #         #          #         #           #            #


When I go into a fleet fight I turn off all brackets ( brackets are the small little icons that show on the main screen i.e. the gates, plantes, asteroids etc, stopping the rendering all those {beleive it or not } works incredible well I ahve been in 49-U6U with over 820  people and seen very low lag with my PvP overview and all brackets tuirned off.

~hope it helps


~ by Manasiv5 on June 22, 2009.

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