Manasi got pwn3d.

Trust is not something I give freely.  It is a matter of fat that people get a small measured amount to start with and their actions add to or subtract from that amount.  If the amount ever reaches 0, I don’t and won’t trust you again.  That brings us to our latest story.

Several months ago ( Aprilish to be exact) I came into a sum of money, in anticipation of perhaps purchasing a Carrier. Planning as I often do, I set aside some money for the hull, the mods and what not and determined what I would do with said money till I could actually use it.

We fast forward to my making money article.  Where I mentioned Dynasty Bank. You may not want to do that any more.

As of June 14th their website ( where you go to withdraw money etc..) stopped working.  I have posted a couple of times on the market forums and did get some info from Hawkblade that the main guy running Dynasty Bank, is…. well MIA . Chances are I got screwed out of 1.1 Billion, yes you read that right…1.1 BILLION. With a B. I had been saving for a long while and to make some interest I dropped it into Dynasty Bank. Again if you have done this as I did, or dear god, even with my recommendation I can only apologize, and say I am sorry.

This as it turns out was a bad move, as of the 6/14/2009 the website stopped working and it appears the money is gone.

I am less angry at the players than I am pissed for moving my money there.  I had some big plans for the $ and well, now I am royally screwed.  Hopes and dreams do not buy Carriers, $ does.  So, there.

Admission of this sorts seems fraught with many poking fun so if that is what you wish, feel free…but be warned I’ll delete them as spam, as it is my site. Oh yes and I have a hell of a long memory and if I find you in game i will blown the shit out of your ship, and feel much better about doing so.

If there is anyone out there that may any other ideas of how to contact any DBANK folks let me know.

*note as of this writing there is no info on the Banker Manalpan nor any other bankers that I know of, that might have some money, even if I could reach one what do I say? Move all funds out?  Frustrating does not begin to describe it.


~ by Manasiv5 on July 2, 2009.

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  1. Sorry to hear it Manasi. I think personally I'd much rather move my ISK through the market in careful buy low/sell high activity that exposed me to as little risk as possible. More effort, yeah, but far safer.

  2. I really hope you and Wensley, and all the others can get your isk back. i'm hoping the MIA banker is stuck with some RL issues but will be back asap.

    Sorry to hear about this bad turn for you.

  3. lol i wonder why people would want to work to make you isk, when they could just as easily take the isk and run free with it. Its not like there is a government agency to put you in jail if you do.

    The consequences of scamming in eve is almost none since you can just buy new characters with all that isk. In addition if you had a great reputation, you would have to consider like riddic did, is 200 + billion (or w/e it translated into real cash) worth ruining his internet spaceship name ?

  4. Ouch sorry to hear that Manasi.

  5. Oh, frak! I'm sorry to hear that you got burned.

    This is why I refuse to trust player-owned banks in EVE. Back in SL, I narrowly avoided getting burned in the collapse of Ginko Bank (I "lost" a hundred or so L$, but it was only "interest" on what I'd deposited, I'd pulled my original deposits out by then), and I've been a bit more cynical ever since.

  6. Damn that sucks… seems that lately I've been only hearing and writing about the shittier side of EVE. I hope everything goes well in the near future.

  7. Sorry to hear it, and the same as well to others that got hit. I've not been following the situation closely, so it is hard to assess if there is some hope left or not. Wishing you the best in recovering from this blow no matter what though.

    Also, I very much recommend against putting all your eggs in one basket. Bit late for that advice now, but something to keep in mind for the future. Personally I invest my ISK in the market myself or put it in IPO's and bonds. Requires additional work, but a higher payout, and the assurance that if things go south it is because of my own doing.

  8. Couldn't imagine it, Manasi and Wensley. Very sorry.

    That's a strange thing about EVE. In efforts to keep it freeform and real-to-life in a way, we let fraud and crime exist as it does in the real world. But the problem happens when people up and run away with money in the real world, they get Madoff'd, if you will. We can punish the shit out of them. But we have no power to do that in EVE, to my noob knowledge anyway. Trust is a dangerous thing to share in a world like that… which is unfortunate, really.

  9. Sorry to hear about this loss mate. Hope everything works out in the end.

  10. Hey guys, I'm opening up a new bank if you want to deposit any more of your billions into it.

    Its called "gullibank".

    Also, I have a moon I'd like to sell you if you are interested.

  11. Mansai I feel your pain, man. I had/have 1 billion in Dynasty Bank too!

  12. Ouch! I really feel for you buddy.

    Keep us updated because if in a week or two's time you can't get into contact and are still out the 1.1b, I would be very happy to send you some that way.

  13. My condolences. I couldn't imagine losing that much ISK at once.

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