Unsung hero's & one idea to help

Many people in Eve are taken for granted.  I do my best to look out for some such folks and help them, as that is kind of my nature.  It does not mean I do not like eliminating people from their ships if they are red or grey ( war targets or nuetrals) the rush when I do that is great! I try to look out for the people who do jobs that just plain out suck-ass.

One such job is logistics.  Moving stuff around in EVE is entirely too complicated.  Have I adapted to it?  Yes, do I enjoy it? Hell no.

Let me try to enlighten you a bit on what I mean

Example moving 1 Battleship to 0.0

I want to get battleship X with rigs to 0.0 from Jita or some other market hub.

Steps needed to get the ship to 0.0

  1. Clone Jump to empire
  2. Fly to Market hub ( we will use Jita as an example)
  3. Buy Ship
  4. Buy Modules
  5. Buy Rigs
    1. yes you can buy contracted ships with all this done which is a very good thing IMO
  6. Fit the ship with all the above
  7. Fly the ship to a low security system (Carrier for whatever stinking reason cannot go to hi sec)
  8. Dock as a station/ Carrier
  9. Trade ship/ move ship to hangar array
  10. The Carrier then has to jump to 0.0 ( it only holds 2 battleships)
    1. Jumping requires a beacon
    2. A cyno must be lit by yet another Character to give the Carrier somethign to lock onto
    3. Arrive at destination
  11. Move ship to person’s hangar


  • You have to have a clone to jump to get to a ship to purchase it….internet spaceships do not allow for ships to be bought ‘online’ and transported somehow?
  • You have to physically be in a system/constellation/region to buy a ship…..Why?
  • You have to fly to a .4 system  WTH for? Disable the offensive modules on the damned Carrier to allow jumping to Hi sec ( which is already done in some .4 and .5 system)
  • You need not 1, not 2, but 3 accounts for this to take place! Pathetic that you should need to bother with 2 other accounts to move stuff around to 0.0 in game.


Two ideas for fixing it

  • Allow Carrier’s to jump to HI sec but disable their offensive weapon systems
  • Make Low sec space enticing for people to go there, the ONLY reason they go there now is to

A) Jump ships to 0.0

B) They want to be pirates ~ with no targets comes no pirates so drive the poeple to low sec space for petes sake.

C) Factional Warfare ~ which I am unsure of how vaiablea long term activity this is.


Allow NPC’s to transport goods to a location Hi sec, low sec, Null sec, whatever… and allow us to insure the Cargo whatever, and tell the NPC when to ship it.  That would Generate more NPC traffic and tie together PvP and PvE.

Lets give the logistics guys a break it does not have to be this difficult!

What do you all think?

~ by Manasiv5 on July 8, 2009.

9 Responses to “Unsung hero's & one idea to help”

  1. I agree with many of the ideas that you state here! Good work with this list!

  2. Personally I wouldn't mind some kind of NPC transport system. Heck I would pay for it. I already always pay those moving things for me out of principle. This may kill courier contracts though, and I am not sure how often the public ones actually get picked up. Doubt if I set one from the nearest market hub to our home system someone will pick it up. Not to mention if that hauler comes through I may be the one firing at it πŸ˜›

  3. Drive people to low sec…

    Ain't happening. The people that want to go to low sec will. The ones that don't, won't. Try to force them, and they will leave the game.

    A few years ago I was out in 0.0, with a small corp. Back when ISS was building stations, and IAC was thinking about forming. I had to fly out there in a Bestower, doing multiple runs, just to move my small amount of gear and frigates. Ended up flying the HAC and cruisers out there one at a time. We didn't have fancy smancy jumping bean cap ships, no sir, and we liked it! Not sure how we ended up warping though 5 feet of snow each way, up hill both ways, but I'm sure that happened too. You kids are spoiled.

  4. There's little things here and there that annoy me about Eve. Just as any game or MMO does. So yes, logistics and especially the transporting of ships is goes right at the top of that list. I like your idea of being able to jump a carrier into high sec and having its weapons offlined or something. Though I think what would be even better is if they just created a ship from scratch that's designed specifically for the transport of assembled ships. Much like a jump freighter, maybe even a modified jump freighter. In other words, make two variations of the jump freighter. One for cargo, a second one for ship transport. Can only be loaded and offloaded at a station like a freighter.

    Oh. and maybe allow the jump freighters, be it the ship transport or the cargo transport to actually lock onto cyno beacons in high sec…..but maybe that's just the carebear in me coming out. πŸ™‚

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