E:ON #16

Eve Online’s magazine E:ON arrived at my house uncharacteristically early , hooray!

If you do not know this magazine it really is something very very worthwhile to read.
I actually met and spoke with the editor in chief, many months ago, he is not only a nice guy in person but as you can tell from the magazine one hell of an editor.

Some little tidbits ( I’II certainly will not spoil it for those who did not get it yet)

FinnAgain ( who runs the EVE tribune) has a good article.
Kirith Kodachi has a excellent article on the T3 ships ( just one little nitpick a missile Amarr boat?)
Mynxee ( the red headed wonder CEO of the Hellcats, and long time lover of mules in general) has a great article as well on proper Corporation planning n such * who knew a pirate was so smart and lovely to boot? 😉
Karox Lorimax Also has a good article on eve modules and a kick ass article on Production in EvE ( I’m 1/2way through it) While I’m not a care bear industrialist it really is a great read.


Eveguru is also interviewed on page 10 (do’h how could I have missed that)

If this does not showcase what a good group of people there are in the blogpack I do not know what will!  Hooray to all of you!

Now let my cry and complain a Tiny bit.
1) In the article about Territorial Advance, Page 13, Sidebar “know your Coalitions” : Systematic-Chaos (Sys-k) was not even mentioned, Stain Empire (S.E.)( our brethren to the South of us, Coven(c0ven), our brethren to the east of us) but no Systematic Chaos …WTF? Of our two other brethren we are the largest and participated in every battle leading up to the taking of that damned system. Did I post for almost a month about all the fighting in 49-U6U and no one notice? Sometimes I do wonder….Grrrr

ok my pity party is over and what not 🙂

I can only encourage you to get E:ON, no… Zapatero (to whom I owe a beer at least) doesn’t send me ISK(not that I am asking) or even mention me in the magazine(YES I AM ASKING)

I mean come on isn’t A Mule in EvE creative, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??? 🙂 but it is still a damned fine read and I love it!




A very good friend of mine and a Corpmate has started his own blog ( after seeing all the fun I have with Mine)

So without further ado:

Check out http://www.autopilotdisabled.com/ and give him a shout out if you so desire!

~ by Manasiv5 on July 9, 2009.

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  1. Manasi, someday you'll be asked to be in EON. But hey look, we were in together on the Dark Wheel project 🙂

  2. I was very excited to receive my EON this time around! I am featured in an Interview on page #10 🙂 I feel so special. Great issue, and Great job to Kirith, Mynxee for representing the blogging community so well!

  3. For the Amarr tech 3 uber tanker, I wanted to conserve cap as much as possible. Since missiles don't use cap, they seemed like a logical choice, albeit out of character. But I like to encourage players to think beyond traditional setups where possible; more Caldari hybrid pilots, more Amarr missile users, etc.


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