Things I wish I knew when I started#3

Thanks to Morgan for e-mailing me, in return for that, I asked him what he would like to see on the blog and he suggested ” Things I wish I knew when I started PvP tactics”.

According to the lovely pirate Mynxee I am supposed to be quite clever so I will give that a shot.

** three caveats:

1 ) I am not nor will I pretend to be EvE’s best combat pilot those that have this honor need not boast

2) For many of my kills I have flown interceptors and only lately T2 Cruisers and whatnot, I do have skills in Battleships and cruisers

3) I fly mainly Minmatar and Caldari ships ( although my alt is getting ready to fly the Amarr and another is Gallenete I am still learning a bit about those two races of ships.

Golden rule

Do not fly what will upset you to lose…if you cry at how expensive said ship is when it explodes then myself, my Corporation, most of the Alliance, most Pirates will take immense joy from that. Say nothing at all or.. GF (good fight)

General PvP combat things I wish I knew when I started

  1. You will die , it is ok… everyone else will too.
  2. Setup the damned Overview correctly.
  3. Do not go AFK…and IF you do… DO not go AFK without saying something.
  4. Learn what the bonus is on your ship and use it when you can.
  5. Do not try to make a perfect Omni (all) tank, if all your energy grid and CPU is used for you tank what are you going to do bleed on them when they kill you?  yes some people do setup Omni’s for ‘bait’ ships keep that in mind. See rule 1 in this section.
  6. use your common sense here lasers on Amarr, missiles/rail guns on Caldari, Railguns/blasters on gallente, Artillery/auto-cannon/missiles on Minmatar…you start getting to far away you will probably fail. See rule 2 this section
  7. Do not cry about how expensive the ship is when you lose it. See Golden rule
  8. Recognize the ship names if you can. See rule 2 this section
  9. Fit all of 1 type of gun.  i.e all tachyon II’s or 650MM or All neutron blasters dont mix guns do not mix ammo
  10. Group your weapons for gods sake ( shift drag )
  11. Unless your a rocket/assault missile god stay out of PvP…yes, I know some people are good in them but I ahve seen many that just  simply lack whats needed to fight well.
  12. use the F1 – F8 keys or your own hotkey…fools who click stuff die.

Tackling things I wish I knew when I started

  1. Find your optimal tackling range don’t just sit at 20KM and expect your orbit to be that
  2. Training your skills so that your MWD can work all the time.  No exceptions.  An interceptor without an MWD is a piece of paper mache and will get annihilated.
  3. Sit at 0 on the damned gate…realize when someone jumps through they will de-cloack 12KM from the middle but if your orbiting at 10KM the could be out of range of your Warp disruptor
  4. Do NOT insure your interceptor insurance ona the T2 ships suck and it is a waste of money
  5. Practice in your ship do nto just hop in some foreign ship and expect to know how it works interceptors require attention to be paid…do not run two account when one is an interceptor.
  6. When in doubt concentrate on two things… speed and tackling.  This is specialized ship for doing 1 thing well pointing down a target till DPS arrives.
  7. Having great speed but not great agility can be problematic when trying to tackle things know what your true orbbit radius is.
  8. Shit happens… you will miss a tackle now and then.
  9. Warrior II’s are FAST watch out for them
  10. Minmatar Rapiers likewise will kill you fast
  11. Gallente Arazu’s are EBIL you will die
  12. Gallente Dominix’s seem like easy targets they are not.they will Neutralize your cap and blow you out of the sky.
  13. If you see a Muninn ( T2 Minmatar Heavy assault) you will probably die in an interceptor
  14. Blaster ships will eat you up within 5KM, stay way outside that.
  15. When you run our of cap you die. See rule12.
  16. Speed tank really helps survivability
  17. Always Pod the enemy,unless told otherwise.

Cruisers PvP

  1. T1 does not mean a bad ship, T2 does not mean a good ship.  The PILOT is what counts.
  2. When warping to 0 on a gate in hostile territory make sure your scanner is open so you have an idea if anyone is at the gate.  If you take the time to be surprised… your dead.
  3. Cruisers I now fit as all out attack.  period.  I do not  tank them…the exception is always use a DCII (damage control module T2 variant) that at least gives some survivability.
  4. I know I will get flack for this… but odd/unusual fits are more likely to gimp your attack type…avoid them.

Battleship PvP

  1. When in large fleets…and you get called primary you will die I do not care how good your tank is all it means is surviving 1.0 second longer.
  2. In smaller fleets..make sure you stay caught up with the fleet …don not fall too far behind as your easy pickings then.
  3. Watch traversal velocity if your in a gunship.
  4. Avoid cruise missile Battleships in PvP yes hitting from 120KM is nice but when your missile tries to hit your target will be dead…yes I fly Scorpions… but I jam and only fire if called upon to do so.

Again, I know folks who disagree with some things I have said..but….since November 2007 I have been heavily entrenched in Alliance warfare, your results may contradict what I have seen/ understood, as long as your respectful or just civil disagree all you want.


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  1. If you expect to lose your ship within the 12(?) weeks or whatever, it may still be worth insuring even t2s. In particular with ships that typically get primaried early (e.g. Falcons, interdictors, logistics), you will be losing these ships like it or not. Sure, you pay a million and only get 4 back, but that means every 10-40 losses you get a freebie. It is not worth going out of your way for, but it is also not a total waste.

  2. to Myhial comment t2 ships are only insurable as much as there t1 ship hull so you will never make as much as the ship is really worth. a hulk – 11 million uninsured max insured would have been 20 neither is close to thereal price of +-100 million

  3. Yes, well.. Amar Arazu..

    Really I don't wanna obsess over mistakes like those but they show how little solid combat experience you actually have.

  4. A solid set of rules, although I believe as an experienced pilot thinking out of the box with fittings is a good thing to do. As a newer player though, stick to the "cookie cutters".

    One question though: I have never gotten the reasoning behind "do not insure T2 ships, it's a waste of money". Care to explain that one to me?

  5. and that's GALLENTE Arazu's… 🙂 I don't care how much experience you've had, they're still Gallente. Hehehe

  6. regarding odd fits, I am reminded of something in the Strunk & White's little tome on [American] grammar. Went something like "You will find the best authors may bend, or even break, much of what follows with success – but if you do not know what you are doing, it is best to follow the rules" – advice that has never served me ill in EVE when one adapts it to ship fittings.

  7. The three parts so far have been very helpful. Thanks!

  8. Fantastic! Thanks again Manasi for the great blog.

    in EVE: Siberian San

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