Small fleet …good kills

So last night I finally was able to get connected to EvE.  I had been getting odd errors trying to connect but everything seemed to line up and members of our corp went out hunting for targets.  We found quite a few to say the least.  I was in a Sabre interdictor, although I did think about bringing the Onyx, but no went to my favorite little ship.  2 Warp Interdiction Sphere launchers, some 200mm Auto-cannons and I was ready.  Our fleet consisted of  1 Tackler in a Raptor 1 Interdictor, me in my Sabre, 1 Diemos Heavy Assault, 1 Falcon and 1 Pilgrim.  We did fairly well.  Roamed about through Period Basis some and downed 2 ships in total.  On our way back to our forward base we got word of  a large gang of 10 ships coming our way.  We laid a trap and asked for backup.  in they jumped out went the Warp interdiction Probe, trap was sprung.

They jumped in and held their cloak.  I accelerated towards the edge of the bubble I had dropped and prepped launcher number 2.  They de-cloaked and targeted our Falcon pilot, I burned  towards the small group trying to exit bubble number 1 and dropped bubble 2 a fun ‘drive by’ with the sphere launcher… I overheated my MWD and aligned to an celestial object.  Hammerhead II’s were launched and many members of the enemy  fleet targeted me but I was burning at close to 3200 m/s and as I exited the bubble I warped off leaving 3 sets of 5 drones 55 KM from the fight.  1st job done… I realigned back to the gate, and prepped a second run.

In jumped friendly blues and I reengaged the fight  warping to a small cluster of 3 ships the enemy saw the blues.. those that could bail did so.

We lost:

  • Falcon

They lost:

  • Blackbird
  • Celetis
  • Maller
  • Stabber
  • Crow

Yes there were only t1 Cruisers and such but hey I didn’t expect to survive much less make a second run 🙂

For some reason our  Killboards are not synching correctly but all in all a good op.

Hope your fights bring you good wins as well!

~ by Manasiv5 on July 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “Small fleet …good kills”

  1. Hey congrats, really shows Manasi can fight!

    You guys laid a good trap, too bad for the loss of that Falcon though.

  2. – Price of 4 T1 cruisers + 1 interceptor: tiny
    – Price of a single Falcon: massive

    Sorry Manasi but guess who won….

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