Weekend Action

Welcome good reader to a recount about destruction of three of Manasi’s ships.  They all were excellent and did their missions admirably.

Ship 1 a Sabre, these extremely fragile  ship are great fun to fly around in provided you do not have any expensive implants

Ship 2 was a Stiletto again extremely fast and one hell of a scan resolution at 3096 mm 2X SB with scan res scripts in it.

Ship 3 was my venerable Hurricane. I set her up with 425 MM II’s for just a tiny bit more range over the 220MM Vulcan II’s  She was tanked to about 39K HP…but the killboard shows some wonky numbers.

Sabre was lost to a good buddy going out of his mind and engaging a member of a much larger fleet.  I tried to run in and trap a few guys to give cover for some of our guys but alas 13 against 5 is kinda  tough odds. This explains quite a bit yes I know that I fit a cloak on the Sabre, this thing only has 1500 effective before she folds like a napkin.  I was providing intel about the enemy fleet outside a station, and when I saw my buddy go in and engage I was trying to help him out.  We got spanked.

Stiletto was a different story.  Got word of some nice targets in catch.  We jumped there through 3 or 4 wormholes, and arrived to find a large number of neutrals, we jumped a few times and ran into a drake sitting near a gate.  Yes of course as I have lamented in the past I don’t like missile boats in PvP.  If you look at the kill you will see why.  He was spamming missiles at me to get me to break lock but he never hit…even 1 time.  death was my own undoing, I saw the interdiction sphere pop up too late and altered course to abruptly and his hornets got me ( they had been chasing quite a while and when I decelerated to make the to abrupt turn they hit)  Such is the life of an interceptor.

The Hurricane was 10x more fun as she got in on quite a few kills : Rapier, Zealot a enemy Hurricane, and a Sabre, and a pod for good measure.  We setup a nice little trap for KIA and waited for them to jump in…and waited….and waited.  Then poof they came en Mass.  I saw 7 bubbles pop up on the gate and I sorted by distance and started to target a Rapier, then a Zealot, Sabre, then another Hurricane.  I started taking some poundings from yet another enemy Hurricane and aligned to a planet and warped out.  Battle still raging I kicked the armor repper into overdrive and healed up, realigned and rolled back in.  Caught a pod inside one remaining bubble, that died when the pod did.  I realigned again bailed out.  Met at the rally point and rendezvous with the fleet.  I got some bad instructions and as the fleet warped to the exit gate i warped to a planet.  I have to remember to count to 2 before i punch that warp button.  I realigned for the exit gate as the red’s poured towards the gate.  I arrived in the middle of their fleet, and jumped through.  A bubble popped up, rather than being dismayed I was overjoyed, no longer could the remainder of their fleet ( who warped in after me) pursue our alliance guys. Edging towards the exit I kicked on the MWD and was just about instantly vaporized as 37 ships got on the kill of my hurricane. Here is the battle summary 48 of us versus 68 of them, they lost 17, we lost 13.

All in all not too bad a score for yesterday.  I lost a Sabre, a Stiletto, and Hurricane.  Enemies lost Sabre, Rapier, Zealot, Hurricane and a Pod. probably about a 500K ISK loss for KIA and about 150 K ISK loss for me.  Easy come easy go eh?

Hope your weekend was equally as entertaining.

~ by Manasiv5 on July 20, 2009.

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