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Over time I have been noticing that I look for info that affects me. I think this is fairly normal.  I am a 0.0 dweller in an Alliance that specifically wants to PvP.  I come to view dev blogs as some small bits of info that may indeed lead to a change/improvement/re-balancing of certain aspects of game play that I care about. So where is the news about changes that need to come to 0.0?  Nowhere…..

Here is what I do NOT care about at the moment:

  • Jita lag
  • Advertisements
  • Job openings
  • Missions
  • How bugs are fixed
  • Fanfest
  • Faction Warfare

Let me explain, if I may.  These things MAY be important to others in the game and may very well affect me in some shape or fashion, and may also be very interesting.  At this moment they do not mean crap to me in 0.0, in an Alliance.

So, there has been a disturbing trend with the Developer blogs.  Let me preface this by saying I do like the Dev blogs but they have appeared to be nothing more than an “early warning of advanced awesomeness” coming your way. I thought , and can certainly be wrong that the dev blogs were a list of mechanical/game play/technical issues that developers are working on, perhaps is NOT the case, but perhaps it SHOULD be.

An aside:  I hate marketing.  I really do.  I avoid commercials, I avoid watching anything that I cannot fast forward through and I find the programs much more enjoyable that way.  DO I understand the need for them, yes I do…Will I watch them?  No. I guess the point is that both at work and during my leisure time I am extremely sensitive to anything that appears to be marketing related. Let me simplify I want no marketing what-so-ever.

The purpose of this post is to highlight a lack of a trend… nothing has changed in the 0.0 environment with regards to fixes or changes that people (and apparently CCP has wanted for a long time)

SO that brings me to the Dev blogs all the dev blogs below have NOTHING to do with fixing aspects of 0.0 that desperately need some attention.  This list is just an illustration that I think the Dev blogs need to be more focused on what they deliver and less about marketing/fanfest/job openings:

6/4/2009 2009 was a good year for EvE ~ QEN quarterly economic newsletter was WAY overdue, and while not really affecting 0.0 much some interesting data.
6/8/2009 Those endless days ~ industry changes to EvE ~ interesting and certainly can affect prices of the ships used!
6/10/2009 Making our backside bigger ~ database server info ~ interesting and might affect pvp in 0.0
6/12/2009 How do you stop a man with SEVEN alliance tournaments ~ interesting info about the upcoming tournament…nothing relevant to 0.0 living
6/17/2009 I accidentally the entire market ~ interesting market analysis but no effect in 0.0
6/19/2009 Fanfest 2009 will be awesome ~ fanfest a Developer blog…/facepalm
6/30/2009 Apocrypha 1.5 this August ~ good news…. 2 things that affect 0.0 dwellers

  1. Different sized rigs
  2. Specialized Cargo holds

7/6/2009 My Rifter is fitted with the following rigs ~ explanation about Rigs sizes very good!
7/8/2009 Bugs at the gates ~  a look at how bugs are fixed…BTW this still exists to this day and causes havoc with fleets…and as after I read about this I actually saw this with my own eyes as still being the case I am somewhat annoyed.
7/12/2009 Two new Dev content positions~ advertising positions on the Dev team /facepalm
7/12/2009 Engineering Updates to EvE Core ~ making sure that more people could fit in Jita. Maybe important to some….
7/13/2009 War is a full time job ~ faction warfare stuff…some interesting modules and drones that we may see in 0.0
7/15/2009 Tranquility Department of Public safety ~ Join a corp they are good introduced in the intro to EvE
7/20/2009 COSMOS ~ some reworking of the e-mail client and such..very little content..more marketing 😦

I went back as far as January and there are some very good blogs about changes, but I dare say there has been absolutely NOTHING about and changes that need to take place in 0.0.  I could be that since dev blogs started coming out no Dev blogs have talked about and significant changes to 0.0. Perhaps I am missing 1 or 2?

**Turns out there was 1 WHOLE sentance about upcoming changes  to Sov systems in 0.0…my oh my

Could it be that they have big plans but do not want to tell us?  Perhaps, but they foreshadowed the speed changes well and we were allowed  to test them out.

Do I want Dev blogs to stop?    Certainly not.  Learning what the developer has planned for many things is a very very good thing CCP does.

Here is what I AM interested in:

  • Combat changes to ships/types( Thank goodness for small /med rigs)
  • Sovereignty changes ( dear god this system is so FUBAR it isn’t even funny)  Could changes be coming stay tuned ….
  • Cloaking in no Covert ops ships ( More on this idea in a future post by me)
  • The ability for a scrammed/pointed/bubbled target to log off. ( our corp sent a petition about this)
  • Better Asset management ~ I have to physically be AT a station to move my gear? Why for gods sake?
  • Better Corporation Management

If the end goal is the get people to engage in fighting whether through Faction Warfare/ Trade Warfare/and PvP in general why not fix some of the  serious issues plaguing 0.0 space?

Why has CCP avoided changing 0.0 and not really spoken about it in the one vehicle they have to communicate directly with us?

Let me know what you folks think, I’m very interested in your opinions.


~ by Manasiv5 on July 23, 2009.

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  1. So Santa might be visiting 0.0 this year? I do hope CCP's words strike true and we see some good and progressive changes to 0.0 this winter. Since I have about as much influence on CCP as a single gnat fart on the OZONE, I can only pray that we see some an extensive series of devblogs about the changes and their plans.

  2. @Morph, @Reatu, and @Prometheus…thanks perhaps I just read too fast and missed that if indeed they do come out with it, that will certainly be a welcome addition. mentioning One line in the bottom of the dev blog leads me to think more like Morph mentioned where 'midas' was supposed to be about industry …

  3. I agree that 0.0 does need need some improvement. CCP mentioned this in the link above

    The Winter Expansion

    We will be reporting on the winter expansion as it draws closer. All I can say, is that it is focused on sovereignty and you will not be able to walk in it. Check on the dev blogs in the weeks and months to come for more updates. Those who are into RSS and those kind of things can also subscribe to our RSS feeds.

    Thanks for reading!

    CCP will probaly try to make taking SOV involve less blobs as that is what they seem to like to do. Ill be keeping my eyes out for more dev blogs relateing to this

    – Torfi Frans

  4.… last paragraph.
    it's only mentioned in passing on devblog, it's possible there is info in Eon but I don't order that anymore, last few I had there was lots of words but no concrete information. It's also been mentioned on the forums occasionally.

  5. My understanding was that the winter expansion will focus on sov, and thus 0.0….

  6. Since Day One I'm of the opinion that 0.0 often gets overlooked because a small percentage of the New Eden population resides there, even if geographically it's much larger than Empire.

    I know Sweet F***all about Sovereignty, but the rest gets the Coz Stamp of Approoval.

  7. One would think the rig changes might have some impact on you. Not specific to 0.0, but still applicable in a fairly direct way.

  8. Honestly if you don't think that network and inventory optimizations affect us in 0.0 then you are just being selfish and ignorant. Jita just has the name recognition and average load for the annoucnment to matter to most people. Did you not read any of these dev blogs? Perhaps you missed the graphics where the average CPU load dropped from 80 to 40 percent on one of the most overloaded nodes?

  9. I guess they consider 0.0 to be working fine atm, except for the souvereignity changes that are coming up this winter ?

    How did you feel about the COSMOS thing ? A new email client, ok that's needed ? But the rest ? …

  10. The covert ops are supposed to be a highly specialized ship, and yet, every ship can cloak in this game. The better asset management one i find mind boggling. Having to be at a station to move gear is something that affects everyone, wether you're in null sec or empire space or in between. Either i didn't understand or you're looking to have a complete overhaul done on mechanics that have existed since the game started. Obviously, corp management is something that needs to be reworked, but sadly, i don'T think there is any outcome that will satisfy everyone.

    Anyways, nice post as always, looking forward to your answer. Cheers!

    P.S. damn wordpress and short comments.

  11. I seem to remember reading that the sovereignty aspect of 0.0 was supposed to be reworked for the next expansion along with factional warfare as i think some aspect of FW and Sov work the same. Mind you, i have never been involved in either of those activities as of now so i can't vouch for that.

    If possible, could you elaborate on some of the items you mentioned up there for me? when you say combat changes to ships, what do you mean exactly, because whatever affects 0.0 will also affect the entire game as far a ships are concerned. To be honest, the cloaking in non covert ops ship i couldn't agree more with you.

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