Wielding the Broadsword, a surprise.

So my love and fascination with the broadsword is ever growing.  on a side note I can no longer continue to use EFT as their DB is hopelessly out of date ATM.  SO I have used EVEHQ, which is a combination of   EVEMon + EFT + assest manager + open source goodness as a excellent replacement…. and did I mention you can import everything very easily?

Where was I  oh yes  the Broadsword mk.2


Effective HP: 130,632
Tank Ability: 505.25 DPS
Damage Profile – <Omni-Damage> (EM: 25.00%, Ex: 25.00%, Ki: 25.00%, Th: 25.00%)
Shield Resists – EM: 91.51%, Ex: 85.93%, Ki: 83.11%, Th: 86.42%
Armor Resists – EM: 91.50%, Ex: 23.50%, Ki: 36.25%, Th: 72.38%

Capacitor: Stable at 56%

Volley Damage: 448.69
DPS: 167.66

Warp Disruption Field Generator I
5x 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II (Barrage M)

4x Large Shield Extender II
2x Invulnerability Field II

Shield Power Relay II
2x Power Diagnostic System II
Damage Control II

Anti-Explosive Screen Reinforcer I
Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I

She can withstand the following punishment  These all vary as damage is done in different damage profiles:

Caldari State damage : 421 DPS 109,606 Shield

Amarr Empire Damage type 570 DPS 150, 349 Shield

Minmatar Republic Damage type 500.60 DPS 128,345 Shield

Gallente Federation Damage type: 449.15 DPS 117,387 Shield

Now I can hear you say …so what Manasi whats the big deal?

Three main things really

  1. Capable of surviving a DD Level 5 from any Titan ~ no mean feat for a cruiser sized vessel much less some battleships.
  2. 109k to 150k shield is a hell of a lot to chew through ~ even if called primary you might be able to last a little while.
  3. She  can tank anywhere from 421 DPS to 570 DPS before the shield is “broken’  by broken I mean the shield loses strength faster than it can be rebuilt.

So what’s her purpose?

First purpose: stop traffic jumping out by dragging people or stopping people from getting to the outbound gate. conversely stop people from jumping in and warping immediately ( they must traverse some distance to escape) Oh did I mention that it moves with me?

Second Purpose: tackle a Titan(or any other high value ship), and prevent it from jumping by using the focused Warp disruption script in the generator.

Cost: Roughly 160 Million fully fitted a lil bit more for fully rigged.


The Onyx is notable although I have yet to figure out how I can get an Onyx ( which I also fly to these really high numbers).  The Amarr Devoter is a very solid Armor tanker but suffers a little due to the fact that you need to tank these things to the maximum.  The Gallenete Phobos I thought would be quite good but sadly I cannot get her number nearly as high as either the Broadsword or the Onyx.

In some really excellent news it looks like DBANK may be trying to emerge from trouble ( major DB issues ) and perhaps we can get  money back or whatnot.  you may recall that some of the meanest comments I have ever received were from people gloating that all my investment capital was lost (1.2 B) while it still may end up being lost..I was able to save enough and (get a great price) on a Thanatos Carrier!

I must say for a long time I have said I didn’t want a Carrier but the existence in 0.0 has proven they are incredibly nice things to have, so I purchased one and will be setting it up for use, I’ll be able to fly it.  My Carrier alt ( been training for this for a damned long time) should be able to hop in her and such  before too long.

TC for now and watch out for Warp interdiction bubbles.


~ by Manasiv5 on July 29, 2009.

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  1. I fly a onyx and love the ships (not as much as my covert ops ones though). It has as great tank, thought the DPS is not great, but hey thats not what it is for. Maybe we should get your broadsword and my onyx out against each other : )

  2. I'm aiming for a broadsword as well, going to be quite a while though.

    And I love EVEHQ, been with it since almost the very beginning…best resource for eve if you ask me 😀

  3. That's pretty much how mine is fit except for the Lows (3x PDS + DC) and rigs (2x Field Extender). And yeah, this thing laughs at damage 🙂

  4. I'll have to check out that EVEHQ and that broadsword setup when I get a chance!


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