Getting your A$$ out of the fire V3

Anyone who has been following me for a while recognize the title.  Back in September 5 2009 I wrote a post on how use safe spots to save your bacon as it were.

As game play goes the mechanics behind this have stayed static but the environment has changed.

Two changes since last version, to the EvE space environment:

  1. Unable to warp to bookmarks of less than 250KM from each other while on the grid with a star gate.
  2. Grid sizes are somewhat dynamic~ 400KM seems popular but I’ve seen as big as 900 KM.

The careful observer will note that many of the references below are ‘off the grid’, these are only for your safety and should you prefer to not make em…  no problem from me…. unless you fly with me at which point you gonna be a dead duck, by the time you catch up to me.

Below for your enjoyment (and safety) is the updated field guide.

The number of bookmarks I use has increased:
Each gate has 3 (1 ON the grid) (1 OFF the grid.. but just barely) and 1 that puts me in optimal range based in whatever ship I am using ( sniping spot)
Some gates ( into and out of my home system for example) have 2 extra ( 1 drag bubble, 1 stop bubble)
2 at the Sun (1 ON the grid, 1 OFF the grid)
2 Fast Undock per station (1 ON grid, 1 OFF grid)
1 Deep Safe

Gate Safe spots:

Gate Safe spots- These are useful if you have a covert ops and need to watch people as they come and go or if they amass ships to surge through a camp
  • Gate safe spots…150KM from gates N, S, E or W, I prefer N (up) & S(down) but use all the cardinal directions when needed. ( not much change you still can warp TO a gate from 151 KM just not a bookmark unless it is 251KM) To create one of these warp to within 100KM of a gate, zoom out and head straight up or straight down…when you hit the range you want people and places button , places tab, add bookmark (change the name to the distance away from the gate)
  • Off Grid Gate safe spot ~ use the above instructions but drop 1 unit of something at the gate and keep motoring until it disappears ( mark your distance and save this  as your Off grid gate safe)
  • Sniping spots~ are very useful if you know your optimal weapon range to warp right to that to lay down the pain. Say 150 KM from the gate.
  • Drag bubbles spots~  pull people from the outbound gate to a point somewhere between 80KM and 30KM from the exit…they give you time to kill the interloper, plus they have to turn around to do anything
  • Stop bubbles spot ~these stop people from getting to the gate by putting a bubble in the path before they get to the gate.useful for delaying people chasing you if you have the time

“Sun” safe spots:

Very useful if ratting in a system to create a safe spot at the sun, or better yet a safe spot at the sun off the grid
  • Warp to the Sun, head off in any direction at 150KM make a BM
  • Drop a ‘can’ with 1 unit of something in it.  Motor off in yet a different direction away from the can till it disappears  Make another BM call this “off grid Sun”

FAST Undock safe spot

Fast undosck safe spots are useful if a station you are in is under attack and you do not want to get caught by a fast locker..this WILL NOT prevent you from being caught in a warp disruption sphere.  The off grid variant will make sure that people on the grid attacking the station will lose sight of you.
  • Undock your not click anywhere..accelerate to full speed..light your MWD  when you hit 275km ( as long as it gets you away from the fighting) stop and bookmark the spot label it “FAST undock”…you only need 1 of these per station.
  • Drop a ‘can’ and keep motoring in the same direction ( do not alter your direction)  when the can disappears label this as your “FAST undock off grid”

“Deep” safe spots –

Deep Safe Spots to be MOST effective you need to be at least 15 AU away from any other point.. * as Mynxee reminds us to use your map to give you a visual reference.  They can take some time to do correctly
  • Deep safe spots are positions based on the galaxy you are in that have you between two random points 15 AU from
    1. To create one warp to a far away gate
    2. While in warp between  2 celestial objects bookmark a point (this is POINT A)
    3. repeat step 2 by going to different objects (the larger the solar system the easier it is to do) (this is POINT B)
    4. Now go to point A, and warp to point B , while in warp, looking at the map try to pick a point between them that is 15 AU from anything else…repeat till you get it right.
    5. Mark this as DS (deep safe)


Grid~ Size of the viewable area and size of a Doomsday destruction area both take place on a random size depending on the number of people in a given system.

AU ~ Astronomical Unit a unit of distance useful in EvE and astrophysics that calculates to some very large number of kilometers, the thing to keep in mind for EvE is that the on board system scanner range is, if I remember correctly 14.4 AU.

I hope this guide proves useful.  If you find something that does not make sense please tell me and I will edit it to adjust accordingly.

~ by Manasiv5 on July 31, 2009.

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  1. Very handy guide indeed. Having just started flying a CovOps, I shall have to get out there and start making some bookmarks.

  2. Thanks for the the update on this info. But please slow down. You're getting too far ahead! (Sept 5, *2009* is over a month away!) 😉

  3. I must say, are deep safes pretty much useless now that you can move the probes around?

    Because before, deep safes were good since only observer (level 5 skill required) probes could have that much range BECAUSE you had to drop it next to a celestial. So if you were 15AU's away from something, only observer probes could find you.

    BUT now, since you can move probes around, it would be easy to find ANYONE anywhere in the system, right?


    Here's the linky

  5. did you see that pdf the goons put out about how to stretch grids?….

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