Feast or Famine

Well as with most things it seems to be feast or famine.  Systematic Chaos did a long roam to Catch (near HED) and boy was it a feast.

Long series of jumps, I was in my T1 stabber ( very cheap means very expendable ) fitted with  4 X 220’s and 1 X HAM, and 1 1Medium Remote Armor repairer (as requested by fellas in my corp).

40 Jumps and we hit empire..some laughs were had due to a Goonswarm member following us.    During the trip down we encountered a hurricane….then he was no more.   he never knew what hit him.  Aimed towards a high sec  we had to traverse and the rest of the trip went smoothly. We jumped 2 jumps,back  through low sec to high security.  Waited in high sec space for a straggler or two to catch up. Then the fleet headed back down to low security and then back to 0.0.  All the while a Goonswarm member followed us.  We stopped at the entrance to null sec (on the entrance gate) and waited for the idiot to follow, which he did.  Poof down he went inside HED-GP…goon kill.

We headed over to Sv5 where we encountered a harbinger, very quickly he went down.  We caught another Drake on the way to G7AQ.

Once we arrived there we started on a  gate, and then we set up ‘shop’ as it were.  A heavy interdictor and 3 ‘light’ interdictors. A big fleet all told about 45 – 50,  Side note do not ever attempt to run a camp of this size.  I have a very fast locking Stiletto and I have no clue how some of the ships in our fleet were able to lock so fast. The fight went well and I was able to help take down 3 logistics ships (Basilisk, Basilisk, Onerios and a Scorpion) needless to say this lil ole stabber served her purpose well.

I was unable to withstand too much punishment  (although 4200 or so was not bad for a T1 stabber) and  eventually the Stabber went poof. For some reason the repairer doesn’t show.

One other experience, I was caught in a bomb blast, but due to the DCII, I survived.  I almost always try to run one of these mods and I love them.

Looks like things will ‘spin up’ before too terribly long.

Month of July was very good for me with 16 kills over 22 days of playing.  August has almost equaled  that in one operation  🙂 good day indeed.

Whenever our next Operation is myself and my corpmate bubbly (Delta One) are gonna try our Jaguars as heavy hitting tacklers, we will have to see how they fare.  Any of you out there that have flown Jag’s let me know of anything I might need to be aware of that is not  very apparent….  I have flown them in the past, but not any in the last couple of months.

TC till next time, and let me know about those Jaguar fits please?


~ by Manasiv5 on August 3, 2009.

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