EVEHQ ~ A primer

***@@@ battleclinic.com (co host of EVEHQ) had a major crash and is back up and running @@@****

EVEHQ is a combination of both EvEMon, EFT, and some parts of EMMA…all in one.  It is a modular format so that the plug ins can be worked on individually and updated that way.  The DB is access so you can actually browse it outside of game if you need to.

With EFT out of date ( currently is is set at Apocrypha 1.2 database not the 1.3.1 that is should be) I needed a more accurate tool.

Now per request by the Godless Wanderer over at Articulated Sky here is just one of the reports you can use.

manasi skills

Some other items people find useful

Skill training Que, just like EVEmon in terms of functionality and usage.

For those CEO’s out there Corp HQ get s standings and the like ( I’m not a CEO so it shows me little )

There is a Character Creation tool should you wish to make a new alt charcater you can do that there

EvE HQ fitter ~ by far one of the best apps I have seen of this type:

  • Imports from EFT, Imports from the exported fittings that you save in your personal  fitting manager screen, yes you can export the in game setting and just import them into this app no more clicking n such…that just rocks…
  • Shows how DD proof you are…highly useful
  • Show locking times ( NO it does not show locking times if your enemy is using an MWD but quite good all the same)
  • Shows how exactly your skills affect the ship your flying in
  • Is upto date as of this writing EFT is still very out of date  at Apoc 1.2 database
  • Targeting info range scan res sensor strength
  • Propulsion Spped/ align times etc…
  • the great thing is when you hover over icons even MORE info is shown ( drone control range) maximum warp distance).
  • Cost of the ship based on areas you set up in the markets you set up in EVE Prism

Item browser ~ allows you to view properties of any in game item.

Map tool ~ is a built in Jump planner, for any jump capital ship.

EvE Prism ~ is a market tool, prices can be updated from EvE-central.

EVE Prism ~ allows you to track all assets, transactions, investments, blueprints, rig builder, orders ( Buy & sell) Jobs, recycler and Reports about assets.  ( this tool works when you supply the full API key so you’ve been warned)

These set of tools is updated fairlyoften and has modules to let you update itself.


  • Importing from EVEMon
  • Importing from EFT
  • Importing from IN GAME fittings that you export from the EVE client
  • Market Prices adjusted according to eve-central.pinpointing the enitre cluster or  just different areas to get prices from
  • uploads to ineve.net
  • backups your EvE  settings (the options that are used in the setup) it can restore these if needed.

One thing to NOTE:

  1. TURN OFF the IGB ( in game board functionality) of the system this has caused some PC’s to really slow down.

A very very complete App and one that I continue to learn and use.  Having been with them for a very long while I thought I’d just write this little primer as away of giving them a bit of exposure.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 4, 2009.

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  1. 902 means the API server has been temporarily disabled by CCP. Hopefully it will be back up shortly.

  2. When I amattempting to down load assest in prism all I get is 902 across the board and all characters. I have applied the full API. What is going on and how do I correct it

  3. Another blog post – seem to be coming thick and fast recently! Thanks for the comments guys and very nice to see that our work is appreciated.

    Just referring to the first comments about the simulator. CCP have in fact coded something and if you were very quick in one of the pre-Apocrypha Sisi versions, you could enter a combat simulator. It was meant for consensual PvP but something similar could be used for testing ship setups. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work properly and the feature was ditched very soon after an initial trial. There is a post at http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&… if anyone's interested (includes dev post if you can find it among the flames).

  4. I've been using EVEHQ for at least 6 months and it's great. It updates frequently (within a day or two of all patches) and the Asset Manager and Transaction manager and even a recreation of the Journal are very helpful out of game. Even giving the full API to use the full functionality hasn't caused me any problems. I know that this is a very sensitive issue for some people, but I've had no problems.

    My corp CEO doesn't want to use the corp function for that very reason, but he's the CEO so…

  5. @X …. Bullshit…the changes from 1.2 to 1.3.1 were significant, where EFT just show wrong values on the mods. As far as not trusting evehq, no skin off my teeth, I have never found evehq to be wrong nor can you import straight from the game to EFT. It is a shame you want three tools where I want just 1.

  6. I am staying out of EVEHQ. The main reason is the philosophy of the whole program when they try to make tool for everything. It did prove to me to be wrong way historicaly. Yes, it has many features, but I do prefer one tool on this and one tool on that–EVEMon, EFT. Back in time when I look on EVEHQ, it had database up-to-date opposite to EFT, however its fitting part (which is EFT cheap copy), was still broken showing wrong values. I do not trust that program at all since on. Aside of it, there was no real important change between 1.2 and 1.3.1 patches touching EFT work, so I would not start panic about how EFT is out-of-date.

  7. Going to have to try this out. Thanks for tip. I've been using Eve-MEEP http://www.eve-meep.com/ quite a bit for manufacturing. Works really well.

  8. I've used it for a while now, and I am very pleased with it. Multiple skill queues, fleets of ship fittings (easily selected rather than having to find them, like in EFT!)

    If you find any bugs, you can report them on the battleclinic.com forum and someone (often vessper, the main developer) will sort it out or work with you to find a reasonable solution. If you request new features then (if they are small) they might be implemented very quickly, too.

    On top of that, EveHQ is fully open source, so if you want something, and you have the skills, you can do it yourself!!

  9. Honestly, I like the fact that it isn't designed/created by CCP. Believe it or not it helps to strengthen the Eve community by CCP giving people the ability to create 3rd party apps such as this.

    Besides all that, I've oddly never heard of this tool before, but it sounds absolutely awesome. I Always wondered why it hadn't been done already, putting so many things into one tidy package. Will definitly check into this later this evening when i'm home from work.

  10. Awesome, I'm going to check it out.

    Yeah, managing stuff like this would be a bear if it wasn't for third party tools. While putting it into the game would be great, I doubt that CCP would do it due to the "it would be too easy" factor. We can dream though, right?

  11. I too am giving EveHQ a trial run since EFT is falling behind.

    Does anyone else think this ability to test setups and skill training plans is something Eve itself should provide? A simulator so people can see what they can get without having to rely on volunteer developers?

  12. I've been checking in with evehq for a while now and I have to agree that it is pretty awesome. The fitting tool, skill planner and assets manager (hurray for searching station containers!) are well worth the download.

    I've been having a mess of trouble getting the market values to autoupdate to something rational, though I suspect that might have more to do with eve-central. Still, it let's you input prices manually and it's entirely likely that I need to mess about with the update settings more.

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