Virgin flight of the Maelstrom

The Maelstrom, and immensely powerful tidal current that forms into whirlpools.  Having sailed just a tiny bit in RL ( and loving every minute) I have only seen one.  Near the bay of Fundy in Canada. brings to mind terrible things can happen if you get caught in the grip of one.

All that aside, my maelstrom got a little bit of action last night.  I had set her up a while ago but had not been able to use her against smaller much more agile ships.  Anyway, alliance coms lit up across the board,  seems as if an enemy Carrier was stuck in a bubble.  Hurriedly, I hopped into my Maelstrom and un-docked.  Chaos ensued…jump to the gate…jump to a snipe spot coms would not be coordinated…  I toggled coms to my corp and my good buddies Nomad and Nitro and I tried to get some sort of coordinated response going.  Nomad warped to 175KM of the gate.  This actually put us 185KM off the bubble…too damned FAR…grrrr.  We aligned to a nearby planet while Nitro went down in a Sabre, that was valiant effort, if not futile for the lack of firepower at the gate was surprising…2 Battleships (from sniping range) would not really beat up a  carrier too badly.  I focused fire on a Drake trying to burn out of the bubbles laid down by Nitro, even though I could lock him, but he was past my falloff.  In pure disgust, I told nomad we were too far, he agreed, so we continued our alignment and warped out together.

The small little defense force that had shown up at the gate were run off, on the way back I warped to another sniping spot, off the station and a targeted and destroyed a pod ( obviously a tactic to get us to engage so they could dump fighters on us from the carrier…useful tactic but im not an  idiot…pod went poof, I warped before they could lock.

The power of the maelstrom was apparent to me as I was called Primary while I loitered in to dock at the station.  They ignored the Megathron, a Rokh and 2 other Carriers and chose to lock me…bahh I did not care I was docking anyways.  Apparently they feared the ship a little and that always makes me feel good when enemies do not like the ship I fly.   Whether they thought she’d be an easy kill, or wanted to eliminate me from the equation I know not.

As a result of this little carrier skirmish,  it looks like there will be some fleets to take care of these ummm players…I like them not, so Identifying them will come later, see I REALLY have a thing against people who bully others, I take it rather personally and cry “VENGEANCE upon thee.”  We will see if I get any kills against them, but I can only hope.

I other news I sat back thinking about the ship I was in, 8 X 1400MM artillery II’s = a hell of a lot of pain for a ship at range, aside from the Rokh ( a very excellent snpier BTW ) I think I am #2 in terms of damage, follow closely by the Apoc and the Mega, if my memory serves me well. The base resists are nice and she can tank fairly well.  She is DD proof without me having to resort to gimping my load out like I have to with the tempest. ( which I also like a great deal)

** a note about my last post about EVEHQ  some have asked if I have any affiliation with them and why I would defend them etc…my only affiliation with them is as a user of a very fine piece of software…that is it.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 6, 2009.

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  1. I didn't join in on any of the fun last night as I had just received all my gear and didn't have a single ship setup and ready. Never mind the fact I was missing some modules I'd forgot to put in the shipping package. **insert huge eyerolls here…** However, I did listen to the coms. Let's just say things sounded…. interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. >> REALLY have a thing against people who bully others, I take it rather personally and cry “VENGEANCE upon thee

    Having just begun playing about a month ago and was victimized by players when I was completely defenseless was pretty painful. Bullying is even worse. As a response I started a second account and plan on building a Bounty Hunter from Hell. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I know the engagement you're talking about, and my alliance tried to get in and help as well. We were just as disgusted by the overall lack of support as you were.

    I don't mind having to undock just to get a fight, but if every encounter, EVERY SINGLE ENCOUNTER, will bring a hot drop guaranteed to melt your ass faster than hot butter on toast, it really does get old and annoying very fast.

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