3 bloggers walk into a fleet…

It seems serendipity was smiling yesterday on me.  Several reasons of note.

1) I met “The Captain Log” writer and fellow alliance mate Prometheus09 in fleet no less. (blogger 1)

2) was greeted by “Death’s sweetest kiss” writer selene in Alliance chat (blogger 2)

3) Talked with the wonderful pirate Hellcat author of a “life in Low sec” Mynxee ( I may even get to meet her 8) )  (Blogger number 3, saved the ‘best’ for last 🙂 )

AND I got to be in a fleet with a fellow comment writer (Squizz ) PLUS I met a fan ‘Jamie’ in the hellcats pub channel.  ALL in one day..Hot damn.

I peeked into hellcats pub channel and lo and behold the wonderful pirate Mynxee was there and greeted me with kind, yes KIND words.  I met Jamie ( who admitted she/he was a fan) ( my first fan encounter!) and had a all too short but lively chat before our fleet headed out.  Thanks for being ever gracious in your pub chan Hellcats!

Here is some other interesting news…Bomber pilots you had better not stand still too long…squizz pw3ed a bomber yesterday he had to run 240KM to do it too…that was a sweet kill.

Prometheus survived a bomb attack in his interceptor yesterday ( which is no mean feat as you ave to turn OFF the MWD ( some debate about that rages about sig radius) but he survived, which was awesome.

Oh yes I almost forgot.  Ares pilot from BRICK.  Never ever wait till the tempest(MINE) has a lock on you…One volley and POOF all gone bye bye. Tremor at 125KM hits like a hammer…ask your megathron pilot who was wrecked for almost 3K worth.

All in all one HELL of a good day!

~ by Manasiv5 on August 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “3 bloggers walk into a fleet…”

  1. Thanks for the link Manasi : ) It was good to be a in a large fleet pawning some Brick Sqaud members!

  2. Thanks for the link Manasi : ) It was good to be a in a large fleet pawning some Brick Sqaud members!

  3. "Death's sweetest kiss" great blog. Haven't gotten to "life in Low sec" but have heard good things about it. "The Captain Log" totally new but adding it to my list. Looks great. Thx. And its good to remember those days that are the good ones.

  4. "don't cloak don't cloak don't cloak lol he launched a bomb! POINT!" bomber pilots, when an inty is flying directly for you, launching a bomb isn't going to stop him!

    Thanks for the mention manasi, and that was a fun time in the fleet yesterday!

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