Death in four acts…

Over the weekend boy have we been busy in Systematic Chaos.  Had a good chat with Prometheus09 writer of “the Captain’s Log” and saw Selina from “Death’s sweetest Kiss” in two operations.  I’d be interested in their views of what happened.** edit  I read Prometheus09 account here. I forgot to mention Primary and Klingons Corporations/Alliances which also helped great deal!  Sorry guys.

Op 1 Stiletto ~ Saturday Morning. 15 kills with the fast locking stiletto on a nice big bubble gate camp

Op one after action report.  Alliance leaders decided to fight some guys that have been harassing us in our forward base of Operations 6QBH.  We drove our mixed fleet of roughly 85 – 90 compromising some alliances:  Systematic Chaos, and Legiunea ROmana, with Primary and the Klingons also helping..  We drove down a pipe to where Brick has been basing out of and wiped the floor with them.  Huge camp at an incoming gate to provide cover to our BB fleet which put two POS into reinforced mode.  While on that bubble we adopted unusual tactics to counter a bomber threat that Brick used to try to take out the fast support.  This tactic along with a steady stream of enemies allowed me to chalk up 15 kills, but by far I was not on the top of the leaderboard  that day, a great operation none the less.  End result two of 3 POS in reinforced…probably 50 or so kills across the operation

Op 2 Stiletto ~Saturday Late. ..Hero run with 4 enemy interceptors after me, including 5 fighters…I  burned out my MWD overheating it.. I was killed by killed 12 hostiles…not too shabby for a lil ole interceptor.

Op 2 after action report.  EARLY sunday EVE time we again engaged Br1ck to take out 1 of the 2 POS’s we had incapped.  14 Carrriers were repping their POS and though we had good numbers we could not managed the sustain DPS to take out the one POS we wanted to.  As our fleet got hammered at by fighters we had a major engagement at the main gate.  Once again the stilleto proved it’s worth, with most of the fleet looking on I tackled a malediction from Br1ck, kudos to the pilot as no matter what I certainly did not have the DPS on the stiletto to get him down.  Soon a Crow warped in to help his buddy, it was now 2 on 1.  I tried to break away but that malediction pilot was good and while he could not hurt me he certainly kept me from leaving.  Then a Taranis arrived, followed byanother stiletto, still I was hanging on doing what I could to stop them from closing off means of escape.  The stiletto had fighter support so I knew things were not going to go well.  ALliance leader says ” manasi if you survive this I will give you a damned medal” SO I overheated the MWD, actually I overheated anything, if they got anything off my wreck it was gonna be worthless.  The Taranis cut me off and I think 3 shots and I was done.  Pod ejected we took the express way back to 6QBH.  I was elated,  stayed alive for about 3 minutes burned out every damn module in my ship and kept 12 guys busy so they woudl not get any others (in hindsight maybe they were done with the others and I was left alone)

Op 3 Maelstrom ~ Sunday early POS destruction and incapacitation…saw the destructive firepower of the maelstrom

Op 3 after action.  Fitted up with my Maelstrom I was convo’ed by Prometheus we had a good chat where we just talked about ship types and what we would be flying.  initially in my Tempest I switched out to be DD proof.  We arrived at the embatteled system again and this time we laid siege to the tower.  Some misstep by folks still learning some stuff led to a few losses but the large Tower could not survive the onslaught of a portion of our dreadnought fleet.  Broken, the few Br1ck guys we caught, were most unhappy, smack talk was at an all time high so I just minimized the damned window till i left system what an inane bunch of crying and sniveling. I guess they were having fun , but having been on the receiveing end of this type of enagement, it is rather disheartening.  We destroyed the POS we wanted to an reincapacitated the one from Saturday night that we could not take out.  The destructive firepower of the maelstrom was awesome to behold ( granted I wish the guns helld more than 10 rounds but ‘damn sam.’  A wrecking shot was close to 3500 on one single volly from 7 ( not 8) guns.

Op 4 Broadsword ~ Sunday harassment of Brick

Op 4 after action report.  Finally my Broadsword saw action.  We engaged Br1ck once again in the system they were hanging out in and try as we might and even though numbers were close initially 70 for us 45 or so for them they woudl not enage.  They once again used some bomber tactics at the gates with some limited success.  One question for readers can someone walk me through how bomb damage is calculated?  Sig radius?  Explosion velocity?  Does MWD help or hurt?…I think I know the answers but would love to know your observations.

A NOTE.  Do not EVER chase a fleet with multiple Heavy interdictors blindly…they lost quite a few ships when they did not realize we had the incoming gate bubbles and they chased after us.  one by one we took out their ships and by the time we got back quite a few kills had been made due to either A0 them being mad as hell and chasing or B) they were stupid.  I am leaning towards the latter answer “b” but some credit is due to a couple of their pilots who did avoid getting blown to hell.

Ok yes tiny bit of gloating, but more than that I just do not like Br1ck’s tactics nor their use of smack talk.  I do not talk in local as a rule…ever, yes that’s just the way I play but most of the Alliance ( except for new players who do not know) also follows this rule, which makes for a pleasant experience.

**Heavy interdictor pilots who try to whore for killmails should be shot on sight.  I convo’ed a pilot and asked why did you launch your bubble without being told his quote ” I wanted to get on some killmails” FFS, that is pathetic.

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  1. Looks like you enjoyed yourself, it's irrelevant what killboard says as long as it's fun imo.

    Bombs calculate damage just like missiles. MWD increases damage done untill you're up to speed and even then only a small amount vs. not using mwd. AB is very good at reducing damage from missiles/bombs.

    Question from me: What's your Maelstrom fit? 7 guns?
    Not that I would ever use a Maelstrom, I hate the ship with a passion :-p. It's all over the place in bonuses, supposed to be a sniper(according to blog when it got introduced) but then an active tanking bonus. On top of that it has a rate of fire bonus while the main strength of artillery is in volley damage, DPS will be bad with either bonus so I would prefer getting monstrous volleys.

  2. Agreed on the HIC mail-whoring; not to mention the fact that you can put your gang in deep shit. Sounds like a fun weekend around your area 🙂

  3. Its good to be in these ops and get more links for my blog : ). Wrote a continuation from my last post which goes into more detail on act 3.

  4. I love it how your trying to make it sound like you've won great victories, check your killboard and check the isk losses to isk losses, then try again.
    Secondly, the bombers are mainly bored people entertaining themselves.
    Seriously, you get 120 people to fight 35 actives and call it a victory? When we are close to even, you do not engage, I wonder why.
    That your memberbase needs titan bridges to get the short distance, is a sign they are getting bored out and needed something shiny to boost morale. Carry your e-honor high and keep the propaganda going, your memberbase needs it. =)

  5. Having been a part of act 2 was a blast, even if we didn't put destroy the tower. My alliance (Primary.) also learned one very, very valuable lesson as well. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

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