Continued fighting against Br1ck

SO the umm  people in Br1ck no longer wish to engage those is Systematic Chaos.  Perhaps that is because they lost 5 carriers.  Not 1, but 5!  Punishment you want, punishment you get.  The good folks in Sys-k have really “stepped up to the plate”.  Perhaps like some you may wonder, “why worry about these guys?”  They attacked us, they wanted a fight so they got one.

For those of you out there and can fly the Heavy Interdictor’s  DO you fly the Devoter ( Amarr) or the Phobos (Gallente) I’d be interested if you do fly these ships.

I’ve been monkeying with different setups and rig combination’s so that durability is extended.

I have also been noticing the Tengu’s T3 cruiser and am looking for a good Loki setup..please share if you can.

TC for now

~ by Manasiv5 on August 12, 2009.

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  1. You deleted my comments? Those are apparently not brick carriers. This is some kind of happy happy propaganda blog isn't it? :p

  2. dang … 5 carriers. All for what?

  3. I am training towards a Phobos/Devoter at the moment and really they aren't THAT different. I would say choose based on what you're more concerned with: Devoter = better tank, Phobos = better locking time (if you fit 2 sensor boosters).

  4. @Vult
    1) this is the 5 Carriers:
    2) The reason is twofold 1) Op sec rules means I generally do not post till after 24 hours 2) those were not part of any Alliance Op that was a Corporation op that I had no knowledge of until after the loss.

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