T2 Sniping cruisers…some questions

SO I am looking at the ability for cruisers to snipe from roughly 100KM or so.

I can think of three ships that this works well on:

  1. The Muninn ( which eliminated one interceptor and one pod yesterday)
  2. The Zealot ( which I have been on the receiving end of)  at roughly 100KM range
  3. The Eagle ( which I can fly but have not used in this role)

So, I thought i’d look at the three (**note that these are very specialized ship setups**):

Muninn  ~  The role of this ship is to snipe small (Cruiser size and under) tactically this is a interceptor sniping at a bubble/gate

Ship Bonuses:

  • 5% bonus to turret damage per level of C
  • 5% ROF bonus per level of C
  • 10% to Optimal range per level of HA
  • 7.5% bonus to tracking SPEED per level of HA


5x 720mm Howitzer Artillery II (Tremor M)
2x ‘Malkuth’ Standard Missile Launcher I (Caldari Navy Bloodclaw Light Missile)

Tracking Computer II (Optimal Range)
Sensor Booster II (Targeting Range)
Sensor Booster II (Scan Resolution)

3x Gyrostabilizer II
2x Tracking Enhancer II


99KM optimal range  1566.50 Alpha strike, 216.7 DPS with tremor loaded


Effective HP: 10,926
Tank Ability: 11.57 DPS


Speed and maneuverability, plus close in defenses rely on short range missiles and 5 light drones.  This is an all ‘gank’ setup and while her effective hp is 10K she will not take much punishment.

Zealot ~ Again this is a specialized sniping  ship and I do not know near as much as I do about Minmatar/Caldari ship, just having been on the receiving end of this ship ( as an aside I do not fly much amarr and if you do please let me know what to do with the 6th and 7th low slot)

Ship Bonuses:

  • 10% bonus to cap usage per level of C
  • 5% to medium laser ROF per C
  • 10% optimal per level of  HA
  • 5% to medium energy turret per level of HA


5x Heavy Beam Laser II (Aurora M)

2x Tracking Computer II (Optimal Range)
Sensor Booster II (Targeting Range)

2x Tracking Enhancer II
3x Heat Sink II
Overdrive Injector System II
Damage Control II


99 KM Optimal 632.89 Alpha 243.31 DPS with Aurora M


Effective HP: 15,273
Tank Ability: 5.81 DPS


No point defense for tacklers ( ASIDE from a very nice large drone bay) SO warrior II’s and several flights of them is possible. Dammit when the hell will i get it through my head about the Amarr boats try all I just get em cornfused…. Tracking is REALLY a tough thing..this ship lacks the tracking speed bonus the Muninn has

Eagle ~ this setup I have flown but have never had the luck to be able to have one when I need it

Ship Bonuses:

  • 10% bonus to medium Hybrid optimal
  • 5% bonus to Shield resistance
  • 10% bonus to medium turret optimal
  • 5% bonus to turret damage


5x 250mm Railgun II (Caldari Navy Iridium Charge M)
Salvager I

2x Medium Shield Extender II
2x Invulnerability Field II
Sensor Booster II (Targeting Range)

Power Diagnostic System II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Tracking Enhancer II
Damage Control II


96 KM optimal 421.24 Alpha 97.58 DPS with Caldari Navy Antimatter


Effective HP: 39,961
Tank Ability: 91.02 DPS


No point defenses at all for interceptors.  No drone bay, no close in weapons, tracking could be a little tough. Range is excellent  Spike is 145KM, while Javelin could perhaps be used for in close at 20KM optimal

Ok so what is the point Manasi?  Well, I am trying to determine what others might use in this situation.  For interceptor killers, you need a fast lock, good range, and decent damage ( somewhere near 1000 damage) to eliminate them.  For you good reader what do you think is missing here?  Speed ( none of them have an MWD or even an AB, which why bookmarks would be essential)  BTW all three ships are relatively expensive…

So our trade offs are:

  • Zealot  not great tracking, good damge big drone bay minimal defenses ( among the ships in this class) .
  • Muninn Great tracking High alpha, low DPS ok, point defense small missiles and a flight of light drones.
  • Eagle  awesome range, Phenomenal tank,lowest of all the damage  decent damage up close, no drone bay.

So what do you all think?

~ by Manasiv5 on August 14, 2009.

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  1. just to chime in. When using one sensor booster with range script and one with resolution script(like you did on muninn), you're better off not using any scripts at all.
    with scripts you get +60% on both. Without scripts you would get approximately 63.896% to both (1.3 * (1+(0.3*0.869)). I know it's not a big difference but I'm a horrible nitpicker =)

    Also I really think you should have a mwd on them. When jostling for position it helps a ton. Was pointed out by Tsukubasteve already.

    Specifically for the Muninn, launchers aren't a terrible idea, assault missile launchers can deter frigs reasonably well. Though I think there is something not quite right with the explosion falloff mechanics, it seems to drop off really really fast once targets pass the threshold velocity

  2. All ships are very capable snipers and personally I fly minmatar and like the Muninn's drone bay, but perhaps the most tacticly flexible is the Eagle.
    It has such good range that you can swap between range scripts for extreme range:
    Or script for tracking and lock time if closer. Even though it does not get a tracking bonus its long range means you can often use faction ammo while keeping good range and thereby avoid the 75% tracking penalty for T2 range ammo. Because of this the eagle often effectively has the best tracking of the three, as well as being able to hit out to 249.

  3. I've seen Eagles chew through interceptors. Other than that I'm in your boat, still trying to figure out some good sniper fits. I've always worked from within disrutor range and closer 🙂

  4. EVEHQ can temporarily set all your skills to level 5. Just be sure to return them to normal later or you'll think you are better than you should be. Just click on the pilot options/setting at the top of the fitting window and the window that opens will let you click a button for level 5's.

  5. Your muninn fit is actually Way off base.. The long range HAC is a backbone for a lot of 0.0 operations. With this, I post my fit (substituting all level 5 skills instead, for easy comparison)

    Stats (lvl 5 skills, no implants or boosters used)
    //Thanks to the Muninn's wonderful shield resistances
    EHP – 18,606 (Omni Damage)

    Shield Passive Defence of 32

    Speed is 1616 m/s with MWD (best named can be used if prefered with no change except pg requirements.)

    Cap lasts for 4 minutes and 28 seconds with MWD on.

    Target to 112.68km with scan res script loaded and lock frigates in 2.9 seconds (1.5 for frigate with MWD)

    Drone range is 100km and drone speed is 6930m/s ( great for removing interceptors coming towards you if the guns miss )

    Drone DPS is 80

    Turret DPS is 132, Volley damage of 1146
    //153 DPS if overloaded
    Optimal range is 105km with 22k falloff

    With Quake M loaded optimal decreases to 15k with 22 falloff for 232 dps with 2005 volley
    // I recommend using Republic Fleet EMP M instead though, due to tracking nerf's with t2 ammo.

    [Muninn, sniper hac]
    Tracking Enhancer II
    Tracking Enhancer II
    Reactor Control Unit II
    Signal Amplifier II
    Signal Amplifier II

    10MN MicroWarpdrive II
    Large Shield Extender II
    Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution

    720mm Howitzer Artillery II, Tremor M
    720mm Howitzer Artillery II, Tremor M
    720mm Howitzer Artillery II, Tremor M
    720mm Howitzer Artillery II, Tremor M
    720mm Howitzer Artillery II, Tremor M
    Drone Link Augmentor I
    Drone Link Augmentor I

    Projectile Burst Aerator I
    Drone Speed Augmentor I

    Warrior II x5

  6. Zealot doesn't have a drone bay. Any frigate that can get inside about 10km is under its guns and can/will destroy it. Zealot is a wonderful long range ganker, but you really don't want to fly it solo, especially not vs smaller ships.

  7. Did you use all level five skills? Just curious for comparison.

    I find it a little unfair for the Eagle that you give it tanking while the other two ships got multiple damage mods and tracking computers. I used my skills and put this Eagle together:

    5 x 250mm IIs with CN Thorium
    3 x tracking comp IIs with opt range script
    1 x sensor booster II with targeting range script
    1 x Invul field II
    3 x Mag Field Stab IIs
    1 x PDS II

    I get 93 km optimal with 14 km falloff
    DPS 213, Alpha 783
    Effective HP of 15,789 which is still better than the other two, and tank ability of 31

    I think that is more comparable to the Muninn and Zealot setups. plus as an added bonus, switching to tracking scripts and shorter ranged ammo gives a good in close support ship for taking on frigs IMO.

  8. "No point defense for tacklers ( ASIDE from a very nice large drone bay) SO warrior II’s and several flights of them is possible. Tracking is REALLY a tough thing..this ship lacks the tracking speed bonus the Muninn has"

    I think you're a bit mistaken; there's absolutely NO drone capability on the Zealot whatsoever.
    That aside, I'll evemail you a fitting for a sniping zealot when I get home if you want…

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