So I thought last weekend was busy.

Some thoughts and musing over the last few weeks.

Apocrypha 1.5 is due…”soon’ still have not seen a Dev blog worth a damn about exactly what is coming.  Don’t get me wrong I love the dev blogs but when the hell will we figure out what is being dropped on us?

Dev blog post 4-5 sentences about Apoc 1.5  doesn’t describe anything 😦

This blog has come under attack by some of the guys at Br1ck squad, do i mean litterally?  Not really.  Never before did I have to moderate comments and now I do.  So, if you drop a  comment please know I will do my best to read and approve it ASAP

I have been absolutely busier than heck as of late.  This weekend was a whirlwind of  activity for Cepta and myself in particular.

For only the second time an enemy actually chatted in local about my blog, which is both a good sign, and a bad sign.  Let me explain.  This blog is for people who may not get to PvP, or may be afraid of PvP, or someone that likes to read fairly opinionated post by yours truly.  Basking in the shadow that is CrazyKinux, means that every so often the spotlight gets cast in my direction, this time someone was looking.  I generally go to some good length to avoid breaking Op Sec (Operational Security)  what I have been trying to avoid is too much contentiousness.  I will have to see how that goes.

Some folks in particular have been quite, yes dare i say it….nice.  I know I didn’t believe it either…such a cruel ‘game’ we live in sometimes we forget that people can actually be nice. Yes, Tsukubasteve, I am talking about you.  He sent a nice zealot setup via eve-mailand posted some really good info on some sniping cruisers. Thanks Mate!

With two other bloggers now part of systematic chaos I’ll have to see what they say about the battles this weekend. I know Prometheus09 was with us while I was in my Maelstrom, he in his HIC…I thin I saw Selene too. A big hello to my fellow Corp-mates who also were on the op, Nomad and Delvok.

Oh a minor note.  I could not last week discuss the Parox Sui Genisis losses as I didn’t know anything about them ( some of you may have seen the losses posted into some the Br1ck squad comments).  That was not an attempt to hide anything , more an attempt to understand what the hell the guy ws thinking. Never publicize bad information, it serves no purpose other than to embolden the enemy. Oh and while we are at it …this is not a EVE news frigging blog, so many comments were about this isn’t fair this isn’t right you should post all info…screw that ( pardon the drop in to 8th grade vernacular) I’ll post what I damned well please and be happy doing so..BTW Parox is no longer part of Systematic Chaos, for several reasons.  One of which was the abysmal loss of 5 Remote repairing Moros Dreadnoughts.  Yes RR dreads.

DO I know why such and idiotic thing took place?  Perhaps it was crappy luck, perhaps it was not asking ANYONE for help moving these 1.6 B ISK machines, Perhaps it was also because he was trapped at a POS in a Damned Rorqual and didn’t ask for help till he was in structure….I warped to the POS to see him explode.  This guys lost 10B in assets due to either gross stupidity, lack of any friends, and a huge mistake of jumping stuff around while an enemy fleet is in system. Oh and he did it all within 3 days. FFS do not jump into a system with 15 hostiles in it.  So as a result of all this they have left SYS-K.  Our KB took a beating beacuse of them overshadowed the loss of 5 Carriers fro Br1ck.

So lets recap

  1. If your fleet is larger than someone else’s ( within reason of course, 100 frigs vs a 100 mixed fleet of ECM, dictors, BS and whatnot…these fleets are not equal) you will win battles at a much higher percentage than if not.
  2. When a larger fleet jumps in don’t talk in local…it is not worth it…. and “makes you appear to be 8″….yes arguing in local does have some draw…. but I try real hard not to say anything back ( the exception above in quotes is almost verbatim what I wrote in local yesterday)
  3. When jumping to a system make sure you have eyes in the system to make sure there is not a 15 man enemy fleet there.  Do not attempt to move assets without friends, this is stupid.
  4. Manasi topped 60+ kills this month.  Many interceptors, although some KIA, as well as has been a busy busy busy month, no not Km whoring mind you..battleships, interceptors, Assault frigates, broadsword, the my whole fleet has been busy
  5. Oh yes my poor jaguar went down and a very crafty rifter pilot cut his engines and I got too close and get scrammmed/jammed/ shot up by his buddies…it is good to lose ships once and a while it screws the head on straighter

Oh damn I almost forgot Squizz sent a nice picture to me to help me feel better ( if your easily offended please do not click this link cheer up manasi it is not terrible but you’ve been warned now.

Lets remember that I only insult enemies” tongue in cheek’ as a kind of out of game light teasing as it were.  Are they really a bunch of asshats…no not really, they seem to be a relatively tight bunch with quite a few capitals and the ability to setup a well defended POS, oh, and Scooter1 flies a mean interceptor to be sure..  Does that mean I want them to win?  Not at all, I like our side to win after all, you just never know in the end who will be your friend next.

  • ‘Scooter1’, Br1ck’s CEO drives a mean interceptor..very very quick fingers sir!

~ by Manasiv5 on August 17, 2009.

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  1. Unfortunately RL has been rather hectic for me the last week and haven't gotten to log on much other than to change skills. I got to go out on one roam saturday morning, but all we were able to bag before I had to log was I think a Brick vagabond. (though don't quote me on the ship type. It died rather quickly. 🙂 )

  2. Finally got my post up the weekends op

    On a couple of ops I was flying on Brick Squad was having a go at you as well.

  3. SysK ops are tons of fun, and I will x up to any of them 🙂

    Last night sure enough, I log in and there is one happening. Pipe is too warm to bring a battleship, so I end up bringing an interceptor. Had a little bit of action, but the highlight of this particular fleet, for me, was the talk about the 5 dreads lost.

    The tone of disbelief I heard on comms made me not believe it myself, and then I went to the killboards and looked.
    Even the richest players would notice a 10b isk hit to their wallet. That's just crazy, that makes our afk Anshar find look insignificant, that makes me feel really, really, poor. That makes me glad I'm not "that guy".

    Some say "Fly safe!", others say "Fly dangerous!" Some folks need to practice flying smart…

  4. Wow 60 kills in a month, great job!

  5. dang. 10 bil in assets…

    I know that isk may all be relative but that still seems like a ton. This guy is lucky you didn't chain him upside down and lower
    him into a piranha pool. Yah, good idea cutting him loose.

  6. From what I read on the Eve forums last week (though I could never find it again) the new patch is due on the 20th and theres going to be a dev blog and patch notes this week.

  7. Oh yeah, the 4 RR-ing Paroxysm dreads + 1 fitted with passive targetter and blasters 🙂
    I remember having a pretty o_0 look on my face when I saw that. Other than that, some pretty good fights going on in and around Stain I see… LR brosefs keep me up to date about it 🙂
    Keep the edge sharp, Sys-K 🙂

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