Behold the planet Atlas..a fictional tale

SO in response to CK’s request here is a story about planetary conquest.  here are the rules:

The goal is to write an article on planetary control and how that would be implemented in EVE. Your article needs to cover what features, game mechanic, game design you would like to see implemented if (or when) planetary control/exploration/exploitation becomes available in EVE.

You’re required to write a two-part article. The first part needs to be a fiction piece that tells a story based on the feature (or game mechanic, game design, etc…) that you would like to see implemented, while the second part would be the actual description of how that would work in game. Each part of your article needs to be a minimum of 300 words (600 word minimum for the whole article).

I’ll be judging the entries and will pick the 5 best articles, amongst which I will randomly choose the winner. This lucky blogger will get to interview a CCP Dev during a podcast with yours truly! Details on the podcast will be provided to the winner prior to the show’s recording.

Much of my idea is open ended on purpose, and does not necessarily lead to walking on a planet.  What this idea tries to do is make planets something more than a big visual picture of a planet and turn them into strategic objectives of consequence.his is Part 1 the story part. I hope you like it.

Jenelle circled the planet in the Megathron.  Scanning the planet for activity showed several interesting things to her..This planet… Atlas V(5) was a medium sized planet with a primarily Gallente population.  Realizing that ‘her’ Corporation needed a beter manufacturing center, she was interested in anything to to augment their military machine.  Ship production was at full capacity but they still needed ships faster, and they needed skilled crews to build those ships.  The POS ( player owned station) required much manual work to build T2 ships.  The network needed for the POS had taken too much time to put together.  While she contemplated that Manasi, chimed in… what does that rascal want? She thought…

“Hey dear you got a second?”, he asked.

“Sure”, she replied.

“Going to secure coms, one second please,” chimed the computer.

After a pause he said,” Hey sweetie any luck on that planet?”

“Yes,”  she told him the results, ” A 10% boost to manufacturing time, and a 5% boost to armor, and a 5% better optimal range, if someone with the right skill set acts as ‘planet liaison’.

Manasi murmured, “Have any other planets been claimed yet?”.  “Atlas I, Atlas II, and Atlas IV, are claimed by other corps in the alliance, that’s why the benefit for us is 10%”.

“Well if we get the whole set and put up a system liaison, whats the maximum potential?”

She chimed back “15% to manufacturing time, 7.5 % to Armor, and we are at max on weaponry at 5%…granted this is Gallente system, so your Caldari brethren wont get much benefit..”

Manasi replied, “Hmm high commend is looking for a Minmatar system too to help with that production as well, so I will look for Minmatar systems.”

“Take care Jenelle, and be careful, you know I don’t like it when you get podded” he said with a gentle lilt in his voice.

“I know, don’t worry about me, Nomad has my back, and our fleet is here…watch your back Manasi”, coms clicked off and  she wished they were together but in his “Loki” named “Gingerbread Man”, she knew he’d be almost impossible to stop.

Coms ended… Manasi Fired up “gingerbread man’s” planetary probe launchers and loaded 5 probes.  He was  32 jumps away from Jenelle and his own Corp-mates, deep in contested territory.  Manasi  dropped his cloak, waited 3 seconds and launched 5 probes in the direction of Osirius 1, he had better start his own scanning and hope he hit on some good info about what benefits if any were given to the enemies here.

The probes reported back  after about 10 minutes on Osirius 1, positioning them in the right orbit around the planet was the critical step.   He  had completed some training to a moderate level, which helped the reporting time for the probes. Seeing as planets were not static items like moons, things could change on the planet new scans would have yo be completed, but that was for a later time.

The Probe readout showed good results after scanning the four planets in the system. It was a Minmatar system with 6 planets and 4 that had populations, perhaps once he trained up for planetary liaison perhaps he could inspire some folks to work for the alliance.  Ships were needed and Minmatar were one race of ships what he flew, so who knows…stranger things had happened.

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  1. Thats a Interesting idea, having planets give bonus to ship construction.

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