Moving forward

So I have been absorbing all the info I can about upcoming changes the near ones..Apoc 1.5:

Specifically the rig changes.  Those will be very nice.  think if you will as rig slot being almost and extra module, by that I mean a very specific type of module.  Extra Armor, extra damage, additional drone speed, quite a few  to be honest.  They can either a) Fill a gap somewhere b) extend reach and firepower to a degree.  The simple fact that you can make them for less parts than a ‘large’ rig is just excellent.  I will fit all my cruisers with rigs…without exception.  Frigates, I do not know depends on the cost/ benefit analysis to see how that comes out.

The cargo changes to the capital ships have me a little concerned.  I have scoured and scoured all sources and cannot find the NEW cargo size for capital ships…so like I said I’m a little concerned.  While I am thinking about it why do this if the total amount of cargo room does not change ( i.e. 6000m/3 before, now it is split between 2000 in fuel bay and 4000 in cargo.  I just do not ‘get it’…that will play out shortly enough.

The farther reaching changes I see coming are starting to gel into a picture of sorts.

  1. Cosmos… the web portal for EvE
  2. Dust… the FPS tie in for consoles
  3. EvE client for PC’/Mac….for the current EvE player this will seem to remain unchanged
  4. WiS ( which will NOT be this November’s release)… perhaps some  interaction between the Dust console folks and the EvE client folks…

Where do I think it leads…hard to tell to be honest, but I think they have lined up the way they wish to go.

Things I am trying to keep an open mind about:

  • FPS gamers determining Sov…how exactly will this work?
    • IM NOT an FPS players and do not personally LIKE consoles nor will I purchase a console for this, that isn’t to say that there might be some fun for other people in this.
    • If I become a ” interstellar bus driver” I am out…if fights no longer determine Sov what will?
    • If this is for FW, forget it I want nothing to do with it.
  • Not sure what Cosmos will give us…except perhaps a better messaging system?  EvE-mail is crappy at best.
  • If WiS allows interaction between the Dust gamers and us, so be it, I for one wish to fight and want to fight in large fleets over important objects, anything that distracts from this I am not sure I am in favor of.

All in all time will certainly tell.

~ by Manasiv5 on August 20, 2009.

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  1. With the new rigs (different sizes), rigging BC's will be extremely worth it, and I expect them to gain in importance on the battlefield. , It will also be more economically viable (rig cost vs. ship cost) than it has been up to now to rig (T1) cruisers, even if not as viable as rigging battleships. It certainly opens up quite a few possibilities for cruisers as well.

    For the suicidals among us, putting 3 Ancillary Current Routers on a Thorax for instance allows for 5x Heavy Ion Blaster II, 1600mm RT plate AND Microwarpdrive, bringing the total theoretical damage output (with HH2 drones) of this already outrageous ship just shy of 700 dps. On a cruiser. And that including buffer, tackle and speed (don't spare the overload on the guns and don't load too much navy ammo, you'll likely be toast in this setup anyway).

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