…behind enemy lines

So, we had an op, that well…. to say the least did not go quite so well.

Two groups, goons and brick we did not think were working together, were indeed working together.  We arrived to take down a POS and lo and behold, we jump our fleet in and we square off against 18 or so carriers, repping the POS furiously.  All set to take down the POS our Dreads warp in to do just that and a trap is sprung.  Our Dreads/Carriers are bubbled and many fall to the combined firepower of a… Second capital fleet. Goons had arrived at the POS.  Bloodbath indeed.  I warped to the friendly POS and logged…sigh.

Big time losses from Sys-k, but like when we took BY-, and 49-, we are down but certainly not out.

in the meantime myself and another blogger Prometheus09 logged in roughly as about the same time back at the POS.  we escaped J-A, jumping as fast as we can I screwed up and warped to a wrong gate (I never set a destination), a lil scout we had ( a fellow Corpmate ) was kind enough to try to help us scout, Promethues09 got caught on the inbound gate in U2, with aggression he was kind of stuck…I felt bad and I know he was a little bit grumpy too at the loss.

So Manasi is trapped behind enemy lines in his BS…waiting for an opportunity to escape.

Some thoughts on these developments:

  • He who has the biggest fleet is probably going to cause the most pain
  • Multiple cap fleets are very hard to fight

Opsec rules are in place.. so details about the exact nature of losses ( while not classified) are not being broadcast by me.  If that leaves you disappointed, that’s all I can do. Loose lips sink ships and all that….

~ by Manasiv5 on August 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “…behind enemy lines”

  1. Ah.. that "oh shit" moment that we could all hear in the FC's voice. Many props to him for keeping his calm in very dooming situation.

    Later, a dozen battleships left on a kamikaze exit run back to RPS/6QBH. Bricks attempted to catch us in LC but the fleet diverted into KP- to dock up. Unfortunately we did lose one battleship, but it wasn't without risk and those who went knew that risk.

    I missed all the fun the next day, but many props to SysK for a job very well done.

  2. Burn eden titan down?

  3. Whoa! You seem to have taken it well however.

    Probably need to form a very strong response, let them know what they did cannot have some powerful consequences.

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