Erebus Down Erebus Down

SO we join Jenelle,  a junior pilot with Ceptacemia…

Manasi~So Jenelle what exactly happened?

Jenelle..well I was on my way back to 6QBH to dock up and reconfigure a frigate I used in the last op…our FC told us to halt at the 6QBH gate.  Our Dictor/ Heavy interdictor pilots were told to jump into 6QBH and get their dictors ready…we have had the BE Erebus in 6QBH before.

Manasi ~ how big a fleet was it?

Jenelle: We had about 50 people give or take in a standard fleet setup.

Manasi: please continue…

Jenelle:… Ok so we waited at the gate till all pilots signaled they were ready.  Then our BS fleet jumped and engaged a hostile Onyx that warped in to the gate area.  A second Cyno was lit and a second Erebus jumped in. Our Heavy interdictor pilots landed on the Titan.  All pilots were ordered to jump after the Titan DD’ between our jumping and after the second DD our HIC fleet still was up and running.  I burned in to tackle  the Erebus as well.

Manasi : What ship were you in?

Jenelle: I was in a tiny little executioner, the Titan pulsed his Smartbombs and I was destroyed, then a second time and I was podded…

Manasi: Oh wow you got podded ..did you make it back to see the kill?

Jenelle: Barely after I jumped in I saw the Titan go boom.

Manasi: what could you do now in your noob ship?

Jenelle: Actually our FC was calling targets but our fleet could not get folks into it fast enough

Manasi:  What Alliances/Corporations were involved?

Jenelle: We had many other friendly alliances there: Klingons, Coven, Leguenea ROmana, Stain Empire, Primary..

Manasi..please continue…

Jenelle, so I was sitting in my newbie ship and I started relaying called targets to the shared channel.

Manasi:  oh yes I see many alliances were involved…

Jenelle: exactly so I relayed the primaries, secondaries, and teritary targets…after some time the last targets fell…in the end they got massacred.

Manasi: Thanks so much Jenelle I’ll let you go back to the party.

Jenelle:  There is no party…we said “gf” and went back cleared the field and I’ll be going to sleep soon.

Manasi:  Thanks much!

Battle stats:

Brick/BE:  lost 1 Titan, 11 Dreads, 10 Carriers, 4 BS, 2 recons, 2 interceptors, 1 dictor, and a few others…( total of 43)

loss of a Titan = priceless oh ad titan price these days is 60B (without modules)

The combined fleet lost:

4 dreads, 2 BS,1 BC, 1 Stealth bomber, 1 Heavy Assault, 1 Dictor ( a total of 14)

Titan down!

here is the youtube video

~ by Manasiv5 on August 23, 2009.

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  1. That's cool to watch on the vid. Nice job – on the vid and the kill.

  2. What? they tried to tackle a titan in an interceptor? uhm…. even if there were no smart bombs an interceptor cannot warp disrupt a titan, only HICs and dictors can AFAIK

    Congratulations on the kill in any case!

  3. Sometimes I do wonder why someone would even bother building a Titan.

  4. Wow! Seems I missed out on an awesome weekend. GJ to all those involved!

  5. Congratulations on the kill.

  6. I have a written a post here –… it all comes down to one thing for me – I MISSED IT AND AM VERY UNHAPPY.

  7. Congratulations Sys-K, Coven, Legiunea Romana and The Klingons 🙂
    Nice payback (with interest)

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